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Issue 298: February 2023

Eyes on the environment

From navigating climate change to tackling toxic contaminants - our scientists are responding to the biggest environmental challenges we face in Australia and overseas.

In this issue, learn about some of the innovative technologies that are being used in response to these pressures to monitor our environment, including climate change model projections and game-changing eDNA technology. We also cover some exciting new waste initiatives in development, including managing the growing problem of polystyrene waste.

We hope you enjoy the latest sustainability stories from CSIRO.

Unravelling ENSO mysteries on ice

A new study reveals that projected changes in the tropical Pacific can influence the Southern Ocean: specifically, an increasingly stronger El Niño may accelerate the melting of Antarctica’s ice shelves and ice sheets.

Sweet opportunity for Australian mushroom growers

Queensland’s sugar cane industry already produces around 95% of Australia’s sugar – but thanks to a new collaboration facilitated by CSIRO, it’s also fertile ground for home-grown exotic Asian mushrooms.