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Issue Two: September 2023

Orientation Week

We’re busy getting ready for you to start your Enterprise Services Graduate Program in February 2024 and we’re excited to announce it will begin with ‘GO Week’ at our Clayton campus in Melbourne!

GO Week will be held Monday 12 February to Thursday 15 February 2024.

Interstate graduates (not based in Victoria) will be flown to Melbourne and accommodation provided at the Parkroyal Monash in individual rooms. 

Melbourne-based graduates are also encouraged to stay at the Parkroyal Monash on Tuesday and Wednesday night as we have dinners planned for both nights.

All flights, accommodation, local transport, and meals will be provided as part of the program. 

The high-level GO Week schedule (12 – 15 February 2024):

  • Monday – Travel to Melbourne, arriving mid to late afternoon with transport to the Parkroyal Monash hotel provided. 
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – Big days! Orientation activities at the CSIRO Clayton site will include site and lab tours, professional development training sessions, CSIRO Leader panel discussions and many opportunities to get to know your fellow graduates and learn more about CSIRO.
  • Thursday – orientation activities and then travel home, departing Melbourne early afternoon. 

Further details on your travel arrangements and the detailed agenda will be shared with you closer to the time. 

Important action - To help us plan the GO Week experience, please complete your travel and accommodation details here by 6 October 2023.

We will continue to give you updates on the plans over the next few months, so get excited!

IT equipment

3 people  talking in an office, with another person walking past

We have ordered your IT equipment for when you commence with us on 5 February 2024. You will receive: laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse, headset and webcam.

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Bingo card headed: National Science Week Bingo 9 bingo squares are labelled as follows: 1. Rock out to our new Spotify playlist 2. Learn about Indigenous science 3. Get involved in a citizen science project 4. Get 5/5 in our Friday Instagram quiz 5. Attend a National Science Week event 6. Gift a Double Helix subscription 7. Convince 5 friends to follow CSIRO on social media 8. Persuade a child or teen in your life to study STEM 9. Celebrate Wombat Wednesday

A few recent favourite posts include our team’s attempt to illustrate a rare narrowbody handfish when only a blurry photo was available, our National Science week dance and bingoSpongeSharkSquarePants is hashtag of the year so far and of course we love talking about our company yacht

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Key dates and actions

  1. Complete the GO Week travel and accommodation form by 6 October 2023
  2. Day one at CSIRO is Monday 5 February 2024
  3. Block your diary for GO Week, 12 – 15 February 2024
  4. Connect with your Buddy – please tell us if you haven’t yet!


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