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Issue 6: August 2023

Welcome to Term 3. We are pleased to share with you our CSIRO Education and Outreach updates to kick off your second half of the year.

We are fast approaching National Science Week; hopefully you will have received in your inbox already a special edition email sharing some of CSIRO's upcoming events. Visit our website for more information

Our regular programming is also thriving this term; read on to learn about new resources, professional learning opportunities, and a special offer from CSIRO Publishing. 

What does a space career look like?

Discover more about the myriad careers possible in the space industry on the Space Careers Wayfinder. Twelve video showcases share insights from thirteen individuals who have embarked on a career in the space industry, from science communicators to innovators and entrepreneurs. Supported by classroom-ready materials, these resources are suitable for career counsellors and teachers alike, lending themselves to many areas of the curriculum including history, civics and citizenship, and geography.

Find out more about these programs:


#WithSTEMYouCan is inviting you to join the campaign! Visit our website, share our content and remember to use the hashtag to showcase all the exciting work that’s happening across the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. The campaign website also has several helpful resources for teachers, and parents and families on how to best engage teenagers in STEM.

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Teacher Professional Learning:

Boost business with GenerationSTEM Links

Is your organisation looking for more innovative thinking in 2023? A promising undergraduate intern could be your answer. Generation STEM Links works with businesses across NSW to provide high quality internships to our community of highly skilled junior professionals. We provide end-to-end recruitment support, along with a $2,500 grant awarded to the business for each intern.

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Special offers

Give your LinkedIn profile a boost

Did you know you can add your education program volunteering to your LinkedIn profile? Follow these three easy steps to update yours: 1. Within your LinkedIn profile, select ‘Add profile section’. 2. In the ‘Add to profile’ pop-up window under the ‘Additional’ drop down menu, select ‘Add volunteer experience.’ 3. Fill in the fields, selecting CSIRO as the organisation, Education as the cause, and enter your volunteer Role name (e.g. “STEM Professionals in Schools volunteer”). Once you’ve completed the fields ‘Save’ to publish!