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MNF Subscriber eNewsletter| August 2022

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  • Voyage schedules now available for 2022-23 and 2023-24
  • COVID management on RV Investigator
  • Dive into our 2020-21 Year in Review
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It's been some time since our last newsletter, so I’m pleased to be able to provide you with this update on our operations and activities. As always, there’s a lot happening in the Marine National Facility (MNF).

To start, I’d like to acknowledge and thank all participants, partners and our wider community for their support and patience as we continue to manage voyage delivery during the COVID pandemic. It’s currently a very challenging environment in which to operate a national research vessel.

I particularly want to thank those working in our COVID response and logistics teams, as well as all those with boots on the deck and wharf. Your professionalism and contribution are critical to the success of our operations. Without it, we wouldn’t have research being delivered at sea.

On that topic, I’m pleased to announce that the voyage schedules for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 research programs have now been published to the MNF website. These schedules will see the delivery of a wide range of research in collaboration with research partners from across Australia.

Notably, the upcoming schedules will include research vessel (RV) Investigator’s 100th voyage (inclusive of research, transit, charter and trials voyages) and see the vessel complete its third circumnavigation of the continent. The research will also take us to Antarctica twice, again demonstrating the immense capability this vessel offers to operate anywhere from the tropics to ice edge.

You can find more information about the schedules, along with updates on upcoming application calls, in this newsletter.

I’d also like to announce the appointment of our new MNF Facilities Program Director, Sam Hinton, who recently joined the team in Hobart and has taken the reins from the wonderful Tara Martin who has been acting in this role since last year.

Finally, welcome to those who have, and in coming months will, become part of the RV Investigator family through joining a voyage. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth voyage, it’s always a special experience undertaking research at sea.

Welcome to you all and we look forward to working with you to ensure the safe and successful delivery of your research. Fair winds and following seas to all.

Toni Moate
MNF Director

Voyage schedules now available for 2022-23 and 2023-24

The voyage schedules for 2022-23 and 2023-24 have now been published to the MNF website. These schedules contain a diverse range of marine and atmospheric research to be delivered over the coming 24 months.

Unfortunately, release of these voyage schedules has been delayed while we worked to reschedule voyages impacted by the COVID pandemic and from unscheduled vessel management requirements. We are pleased to say that all impacted voyages have now been rescheduled and are included in the upcoming program.

We thank everyone for their patience. It was important that we took this time to undertake careful planning to ensure safety and certainty in the forward schedule. This will best allow us to safeguard our operations – and people – in the COVID environment.

See upcoming voyage schedules

COVID management on RV Investigator

While delivering great science is important, the safety and wellbeing of CSIRO's people and partners will always be our number one priority. This is particularly front of mind in the challenging and uncertain times in which we continue to find ourselves.

CSIRO manages all voyages with strict Voyage COVID Protocols in place. These are based on the best available advice and a best practice approach to protecting the health and safety of voyage participants, crew and the community. There are currently a range of measures undertaken before and during a voyage to protect our participants and partners against COVID. This includes a 7-day quarantine period on shore and 3-phase PCR testing of all participants for COVID-19 prior to them boarding the vessel.

Find out how we're safeguarding our people and science

Dive into our 2020-21 Year in Review

The MNF 2020-21 Year in Review is now available on the MNF website. The Year in Review provides a summary of MNF operations for the period and highlights key challenges and achievements.

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Find us at upcoming events

The MNF will be attending several events during August to connect with stakeholders and the community. Come along, meet the team and talk with us about marine science!

Australian Marine Sciences Association Conference, Cairns

7-11 August

Australian Antarctic Festival, Hobart

24-28 August

Please visit the event websites for event details.

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