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Issue 19: Spring 2023

Welcome to the Spring edition of The News!

The warmer weather has come in, and with it a flurry of activity. Wajarri seasons don’t include ‘Spring’ so we’re sticking with English for this one, but we’ll be back to Wajarri for our next edition (Ngarlbugala, Summer). 

It’s great to see so much going on in the region, from the new café at Wooleen (see you soon for a cuppa Frances!) to celebrating the Carnarvon-Mullewa road sealing completion. 

SKA-Low construction has also made progress, with many locals involved in the work so far. CSIRO and SKAO are working with the local community to ensure Wajarri heritage is protected and to look out for the flora and fauna, including an elusive skink.

The SKA project’s progress has been showcased on the global stage with the recent visit of the SKAO Council to the region, with representation from all the member countries of the SKAO.

We also welcomed a number of new people to our team recently. David and Luke have joined us in Perth and Geraldton respectively, both taking care of all the things that go into keeping the observatory running smoothly and Alice joins us in Perth working towards designs for SKA science and engineering facilities in town and future site accommodation. Finally, our communicator Kirsten is back from parental leave.

And so, with that, I say enjoy all the updates from across Inyarrimanha Ilgari Bundara, our Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory.

Until next time,

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