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April 2022 

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Federal Budget 2022-23

You may have seen an announcement in the Federal Budget 2022-23, that we have received a funding commitment for $37.4 million over four years for CSIRO’s research translation program (CSIRO’s ON Program) as part of the University Research Commercialisation Action Plan.

Originally developed as part of CSIRO's Innovation Catalyst in 2015, the ON program has delivered industry-leading innovation training and support to thousands of people from Australian universities and research institutes.

We’re looking forward to continuing to help researchers create impact with their research. We'll share further information with you as we work through the details of the program.

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This two-day experience is to help teams to articulate their unique value proposition and identify potential customer segments. You'll gain experience in presenting your research in a way that’s focused on problem-solving and the impact it can deliver for the Australian Defence Force.

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India-Australia Innovation and Technology Challenge 

CSIRO will partner with India to tackle shared COVID-19 economic recovery opportunities including waste reduction, water security and food system resilience. Elements of the program are modelled on CSIRO’s innovation program, and will help scale around 20 cutting edge Australian and Indian innovations each year.

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Our programs wouldn't be the same without our incredible mentors and we're inviting people with a passion to support teams and participants in our program to join our network of mentors. If you, or someone you know is keen to be involved as a mentor, please register your interest.

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