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Issue 10: April 2024

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Welcome to the latest from CSIRO's Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform (RI FSP).

In this issue, we share our latest report, Responsible Innovation at CSIRO. The report explores how we go about responsible innovation to deliver the benefits of new science and technology for all Australians.

The report is accompanied by an in-depth explainer video, featuring top CSIRO leaders on why responsible innovation is critical to delivering impact across areas such as food and agricultural production, health, biosecurity and in emerging fields of science such as advanced engineering biology.

With the delivery of ethical and sustainable technology top of mind for many, we hosted over 450 attendees at a very popular CSIRO Conversations event. We brought together an expert panel from across government, university, and global research sectors to talk all things trust and RI. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

Meanwhile, our own research portfolio continues to grow. For the first time, we have seen RI launched into space. Our new project with CSIRO's Space Technology FSP is focused on developing and validating a new responsible space exploration framework. We'll be working with experts in Australia's emerging space exploration industry. Our researchers are also examining how we can better support communities in Australia's renewable energy transition, as well as the potential benefits and limitations of AI in clinical settings.

Finally, we're excited to share the work of two of our outstanding PhD students. Daniel Herr is working with the RI and Hydrogen Energy Systems FSPs to develop better statistical models to explain and predict human responses to new hydrogen energy technologies. And Gabi Skoff is working with the RI and Quantum Technologies FSPs to examine how responsible innovation is being integrated into the commercialisation of new quantum technologies in Australia.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dr Justine Lacey

New report

Responsible Innovation at CSIRO

Our new report details our unique approach to designing and delivering leading-edge research for the benefit of all Australians.

Read the report