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Issue 27: 9 August 2022

Critical minerals

Australia’s critical minerals list

A brief history of critical minerals

They are the very definition of a modern hot commodity. JANE NICHOLLS reports on how governments decide what minerals are added to the critical minerals list, and why it’s a brilliant opportunity for the Australian resources industry.

Graphite battery anodes

Powering Australia: how CSIRO is helping industry meet demand for graphite

Most of us become familiar with graphite as early as primary school: it’s what you find running through the core of a pencil. This soft, lightweight mineral made of carbon has dozens of other important uses though. It’s a key component of brakes, lubricants, fire retardants, inks, electronics and - most crucially - batteries. RUTH DAWKINS writes

Mineral exploration and discovery

A seismic pivot: the shift in exploration to secure the $5 trillion green energy future

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, estimates more than AUD$5 trillion of metals will be needed by 2050 to construct technologies for the green energy transition. Of that, over half is slated to come from critical minerals. DIANA TAYLOR reports

Global partnership

CSIRO's science underpinning the Australia-India critical minerals partnership

An alliance with Australia is set to help India realise their net zero emissions plans by offering a secure, stable supply of the critical minerals they need for the technologies to achieve it. TIMOTHY CONNELL writes

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