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Issue 27: 24 August 2022

Critical minerals essential for modern life

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Critical point

The success of the global energy transformation relies heavily on the mineral resources sector, we will see an increase in demand for minerals to deliver into the manufacturing supply chain for the key technologies that the world needs. ROB HOUGH writes


Certifying future minerals trade

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, a team from Everledger—the commercial company that was first to track the world’s diamonds—got together. Over the space of a weekend, they updated their platform to allow their clients to choose to exclude diamonds within their network originating from or passing through Russia. TIM THWAITES reports

Global energy transition

Australia’s role in the critical minerals essential for our energy transition

CSIRO experts explain the roadblocks, the challenges and the opportunities that Australia’s resources sector will face, in the fast-shifting market for the metals that play a vital role in the worldwide transition to renewable energy. FRAN MOLLOY investigates

Metal manufacturing

Additive manufacturing and critical minerals come together at CSIRO’s Lab22

CSIRO established Lab22 with a vision to grow a new manufacturing industry as Australia’s Centre for Additive Innovation. From day one, critical minerals have been key. JANE NICHOLLS reports

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