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Issue 28: 13 December 2022

CSIRO’s work with mining and METS SMEs

Award-winning CSIRO innovation

NextOre giving miners superpower vision to analyse ore

How decades of CSIRO research led to the creation of a world-leading mining innovation company whose technology is making processes more precise, profitable and sustainable. JANE NICHOLLS writes

Boosting business

Ultrafine particle analysis unlocks new deposits and boosts LabWest’s business

Ultrafine+, a CSIRO-developed analytical workflow licenced to Western Australian analytical services company, LabWest, is seeing an upsurge in demand from mineral exploration companies. TIMOTHY CONNELL reports

Critical minerals

Riches in the regolith

Exploring for mineral deposits in remote and deeply weathered terranes is challenging on many fronts. Finding these blind deposits requires expensive drilling and a lot of sampling and laboratory assays. IAIN COPP writes

Using indicator minerals for more effective nickel exploration

A new project brings together CSIRO researchers and mining industry partners to improve understanding of indicator minerals within magmatic nickel systems. RUTH DAWKINS reports