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Issue 28: 18 January 2023

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Leader's comment

Innovation for growth

The mineral resources industry in Australia is often thought of as the realm of large mining but small to medium enterprises are playing a central role in keeping the industry competitive.

Director's message

Magnesium refining

MagSonic slashing emissions at the speed of sound

A remarkable new CSIRO-designed magnesium refining process that slashes both energy use and high-polluting additives, could see Australia nab 10 per cent of global market share for this in-demand metal. FRAN MOLLOY reports


Navigating towards mining automation

In less than five years, through times of pandemic and inflation, CSIRO spin-out company Emesent has grown from just two co-founders to an organisation employing more than 150 people, mainly located in Brisbane, but Emesent also now has a team in the US and representatives in the UK and Europe. TIM THWAITES writes

Funding initiatives for SMEs

R&D for SMEs

CSIRO has a range of initiatives and funding programs designed to give small to medium Australian mining and METS companies a chance to grow their business through innovation and science. KEIRISSA LAWSON writes


Exploration data

The exploration toolkit

Drilling allows us to delve deep below the surface and extract rock samples. But simple visual inspection does not reveal the full spectrum of information that rock samples can provide. ADAM COURTENAY reports

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