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Issue 29: March 2023 

Future Science for new Australian industries

In our first monthly release of Resourceful, we take a look at the diversity and impacts of our frontier science initiative, Future Science Platforms (FSPs).

FSPs are standalone research programs drawing upon multidisciplinary teams across CSIRO to work on science that underpins innovation that has the potential to help reinvent and create new industries for Australia.

This month we feature stories arising out of the Deep Earth Imaging, Valuing Sustainability and Autonomous Sensors FSPs.

Deep earth imaging

De-risking exploration: the ‘oresome’ potential of sedimentary basin fluid flow modelling

Advances in fluid flow modelling are emerging as the latest predictive tools in sedimentary basin mineral exploration. By ADAM COURTENAY

Valuing sustainability

Navigating a path to sustainability

How do we achieve sustainable industries and economies in a socially equitable and environmentally sensitive way? What are the pathways, barriers, and enablers to achieving sustainability goals? These are some of the questions being tackled in CSIRO's Valuing Sustainability Future Science Platform, writes RUTH DAWKINS

Next generation sensors

To infinity and beyond – with X-rays

Dr Brianna Ganly has just returned from a research placement with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Back in Australia, she has an exciting dual mission as CSIRO’s X-ray Science Team Leader in the Sensing and Sorting Research program, and working with the Autonomous Sensors Future Science Platform. By JANE NICHOLLS

World Mining Congress 2023

Australia to host global mining conference

CSIRO puts the spotlight on Australia’s resources industry by hosting World Mining Congress 2023 in Brisbane in June. Congress Chair, DR HUA GUO, explains the opportunities for the sector and what to expect at the event

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