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Issue 29: April 2023

Future Science Platforms 


Future science for resources

As Science Director for CSIRO’s Mineral Resources Business Unit, it is part of Dr LOUISE FISHER’s role to consider the global macrotrends that are, and will, impact the mining industry and how science and technology can provide solutions to those challenges

Science Director

Data exploration

Updating data analyses the easy way

Mineral explorers and geophysicists can now access established and novel inference methods combined with relevant examples through a software framework developed by CSIRO and ANU experts. By TIM THWAITES

Mining tech

Taking mining technology into orbit

Collaboration is the essential ingredient as CSIRO, Boeing and NASA adapt scanning and mapping tech for operations on the International Space Station. By JANE NICHOLLS

New frontiers in mining at #WMC2023


Exploring the opportunities and possibilities of future mining in unexplored, underexplored and currently inaccessible frontier terrains on Earth and other planetary realms at World Mining Congress 2023. By KEIRISSA LAWSON

In case you missed it

Creating global impact

New technology for landmine clearance

A new landmine detection technology will be a game-changer for humanitarian landmine clearance operations worldwide