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Issue 29: May 2023

Today's innovation, tomorrow's resources

Quantum technology

Quantum computing and Australian mining is no small matter

It is widely agreed that whoever develops the quantum computer will change the world but, as Australia eyes a place in the coming Quantum 2.0, the country wields a tool that has already changed mining worldwide. TIMOTHY CONNELL writes

Mining automation

The Digital Mine Revolution: Exploring the zero-entry mine of tomorrow

Could tomorrow’s mines be completely automated, with no humans underground? Will we soon be able to track minerals throughout the value chain, from extraction point to consumption and even to recycling? CSIRO’s Digital Mine experts weigh in on the future of mining. FRAN MOLLOY reports

Celebrating diversity

Resourceful women

As an organisation that markets itself as an innovation catalyst, we understand diversity is the special sauce in our success. Meet some of our women in resources. KEIRISSA LAWSON reports

Countdown to World Mining Congress 

Logo of World Mining Congress 2023 with text stating 26th World Mining Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 26 to 29 June 2023
World Mining Congress

Only a month to go before Brisbane - and CSIRO - welcomes delegates from the global mining and resources community to World Mining Congress 2023.

The three day event will showcase mining expertise with the latest research and technological developments in mining and resources.

There is still time to register.

Will we see you there?