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September, 2023

Exploration tool and mining in schools

Exploration tools

Using MyLogger to interpret hyperspectral data from drill cores

New technology developed by CSIRO is helping geologists gain access to the valuable data held in the National Virtual Core Library. RUTH DAWKINS reports

STEM Professionals in Schools

Inspiring the next generation of mining engineers

Newcrest mining engineer Jolene Wraith is busting myths and opening eyes to the opportunities in mining. AMY MACINTYRE writes

Upcoming conference

See us at

AusIMM Iron Ore Conference 2023

Speak to our experts across the iron ore value chain at Booth 32. Hope to see you at the conference, 18 to 20 September 2023 in Perth, WA.


Training opportunity

Automating drill core logging

Data Mosaic workshop

Want to learn how to use Data Mosaic to create geology logs from geochemical, mineralogical or petrophysical data? Enroll in our training workshop on 10 October.


Mineral of the month

Lithium-rich lepidolite

Join us as we crystal gaze into some amazing Australian rocks. We start with lepidolite, a lithium-rich mineral found throughout Australia. We know lithium is critical for decarbonisation but did you know it was used to give a little lift in your lemonade?