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October, 2023

Enabling Australian geoscience with AuScope

Core partnership

Ground truths: how AuScope and CSIRO power the geoscience community

A long-standing government-funded partnership makes a wide array of tools, data and technical infrastructure available to support innovative geoscience research and mineral exploration. JANE NICHOLLS reports

Data dynamo

Building Australia’s Downward Looking Telescope

Australia’s ever-growing geoscience datasets are a precious resource, digitally connected through AuScope. The power of this ‘telescope’ comes from ensuring the data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), and that researchers and industry know how to get the most from world-leading digital tools, writes JANE NICHOLLS


Room on the moon

Building our future in space

Discovering metals on the Moon is one thing, extracting them is the real challenge.


Mineral of the month

Ultrafine particles


Kaolinite clay makes a great face mask, but it also holds the key to unmasking the location of gold and critical minerals.


Upcoming event


Discovery Innovations for Minerals Exploration seminar day

Join us in Perth on 8 February 2024 to hear our latest research on new and innovative disruptive technologies for cost-effective mineral discovery rates and better ore body delineation.