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Issue 4: October 2022

Welcome from the CSIRO SME team

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Are you thinking of collaborating with a research organisation?

Find out the best engagement option for you with the new CSIRO Collaboration Readiness Tool, which supports your businesses in collaboration decision-making. By completing a short survey, you will receive a report that provides guidance on potential areas of focus, project types and contacts to accelerate engagement with universities and research institutes.

Be an early-adopter HERE and look out for our report and full launch in mid-November.

New SME alumni stories


An engineering internship to inspire the next generation

Final year university student Jasmin Bradshaw and Head of Design + Industry Newcastle, John Lancken, share why businesses must invest in the next generation.   

Coffee Roasters Australia

Perfect blend: researchers give coffee a health boost

Could coffee get any better? Yes! With help from Innovation Connections, Coffee Roasters Australia is developing a healthy coffee product with postbiotics.


Human intestinal organoids for high throughput screening

Ominiwell is collaborating with CSIRO to determine the feasibility of culturing human organoids for application in R&D and personalised medicine.

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