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May 2023

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Innovation Connections Update

The Federal Entrepreneurs' Programme has closed to new applications effective from 7:30pm (AEST) on 9 May 2023 and services will cease on 30 June 2023. The closure applies to all elements of the Entrepreneurs' Programme including Accelerating Commercialisation, Innovation Connections (IC), Growth, and Specialist Services.

CSIRO has been a service provider over the lifetime of Innovation Connections (IC) and the program impact has been incredible:

  • 1555 unique companies have undertaken 2353 IC projects with a total research value of $216M, comprising grants of $99M and company cash contributions of $117M
  • The CSIRO team has facilitated 1667 out of these 2353 projects
  • 39 Australian universities and 39 publicly funded research organisations have delivered IC projects
  • $4B+ in capital has been raised by Innovation Connections alumni companies
  • 48% of businesses are collaborating through R&D for the first time
  • 98% of businesses are satisfied/highly satisfied with IC along with 97% of PFROs
  • Over 200 companies have progressed from IC to other programs such as CRC, CRC-P, and ARC projects

The SME team is proud of the Innovation Connections achievements and will continue to work on initiatives to support SMEs in engaging with R&D.

New SME alumni stories

Tessara Therapeutics

Accelerating the discovery of new drug candidates for neurological diseases

Tessara Therapeutics is a biotech company commercializing the RealBrain® human neural tissue models to discover better neurological drugs.

Generation STEM Links

Retaining STEM talent in the Riverina: How internships can help

Internship programs like Generation STEM Links can assist regional businesses in attracting young talent and providing them with valuable work experience.

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