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April 2022

Our mission to end plastic waste

We’re on a mission to tackle our plastic pollution challenge. Our goal is an 80 per cent reduction in plastic waste entering the Australian environment by 2030.

Our people

Introducing our Chief Scientist

Our Chief Scientist Professor Bronwyn Fox started in the role last year, 30 years after she first joined us as a research assistant.

Meet Bronwyn
Commercialisation opportunity

Battery discharge for recovery

We have developed two solutions for safely discharging end-of-life batteries prior to storage or recycling. Could this technology provide you with a competitive edge?

Watch: National Bushfire Behaviour Research Laboratory

In the face of more extreme events, we have unveiled our new world-class bushfire research facility. It will help us and our partners better understand how bushfires behave, what conditions make them worse, and the best ways to respond.