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June 2022

Putting a shipwreck back on the map

Lying beneath the Derwent River in Hobart is the wreck of SS Lake Illawarra. New mapping technology has produced the first complete map of the wreck and its position beneath the Tasman Bridge.

Watch: Indigenous seasonal calendars

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language groups from across Australia have partnered with us to document their seasonal calendars. A series co-produced by us and the ABC showcases some of the communities involved in this work.

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Making waves in marine management

Recognised for her pioneering work in marine ecosystems modelling, Dr Beth Fulton has been inducted as a Fellow into the Australian Academy of Science.

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AI scholarships

Solving Australia's greatest challenges with artificial intelligence is impossible without you! Our Data61 team have exciting opportunities for honors, masters and PhD students through our AI scholarship programs.

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