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Issue 6: October 2021

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Science feature

Unlocking genomes from millions of preserved specimens

A new paper by Environomics FSP scientists showcases an optimised DNA extraction and bioinformatic process along with a simple and inexpensive screening method that together provide the best chance of obtaining richly informative DNA from the millions of chemically preserved specimens in collections worldwide.

Meet Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace has joined the Environomics team as Science Portfolio Manager. Most recently, Mark was Executive Officer for CSIRO’s National Collections and Marine Infrastructure business unit. He will work with the FSP Director to design and implement a new portfolio of Environomics projects that will begin in 2022.

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The National Biodiversity DNA Library

The National Biodiversity DNA Library project is gaining momentum and has now advertised several roles to help bring this project to life. The roles include project director, bioinformatician, and lab technician.

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Do you have an environmental challenge, or can you see an environmental opportunity?

We work with clients in the environmental sector to find solutions through research. From fast species mapping, to monitoring environmental health, to finding useful compounds in nature, our unique genomics technologies are available to solve wide ranging environmental problems for government and industry. Please contact Olly Berry to discuss your challenges and how we can help.

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