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Issue 7: October 2022

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Genomics science offers opportunities to do environmental management differently. After a record number of applications, and review by our expert science advisory group, we are pleased to announce an exciting new research and development portfolio focused on creating new technologies for environmental monitoring, bioprospecting, and more. Watch this space!

DNA reference library a game-changer for environmental monitoring

DNA reference library a game-changer for environmental monitoring

We are building a National Biodiversity DNA Library to deliver a complete collection of DNA reference sequences for all known Australian animal and plant species. Minderoo Foundation is partnering with CSIRO to fund the first part of this DNA reference library, focusing on all species of Australian marine vertebrates, including fishes, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, sea snakes and inshore sea and aquatic birds. Image: Minderoo OceanOmics Centre

1st Australasian eDNA conference

As conference partner, we invite you to attend the 1st Australian & New Zealand Environmental DNA (eDNA) conference in Hobart on 14-17 February 2023. Early registration closes 12 December 2022.

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Do you have an environmental challenge, or can you see an environmental opportunity?

We work with clients in the environmental sector to find solutions through research. From fast species mapping, to monitoring environmental health, to finding useful compounds in nature, our unique genomics technologies are available to solve wide ranging environmental problems for government and industry. Please contact Olly Berry to discuss your challenges and how we can help.

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