Join our scientists to build a better energy future for Australia

The CSIRO Energise app has been developed to allow you to contribute to our national energy research.

This will help us to better understand how Australians use, generate and interact with energy. The data you provide can play a role in creating a more secure, reliable and sustainable energy future for all Australians.

Plus, you can find out about the cutting-edge science we are conducting and how it applies to you and your household's energy use.

The CSIRO Energise app is available now.
Download it from your favourite app store today.

CSIRO Energise over summer

With temperatures set to soar over summer, we’re shifting our focus to how we all use energy when the heat is on. We want to learn more about how everyday Australians engage with energy on the hottest days of the year – so jump on board with our new Summer Energy Study!

By signing-up, you’ll have a chance to tell us about how you use energy when the mercury rises, what matters to you the most, and where summer is hitting you the hardest. Then read our summer insights to find out how others interact with energy across the nation.

Not yet an energy citizen scientist? No problem – download the CSIRO Energise app and sign up for summer!

CSIRO Energise - understanding Australian energy use

CSIRO Energise is our new app that makes you a citizen scientist, telling us about your power usage and helping illuminate Australia's energy landscape, which at the moment is in the dark.

[Arial shots of CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle]

[Arial shot of CSIRO solar thermal research fields]

Words on screen: CSIRO is working to make energy more affordable, reliable and sustainable.

[Arial shot of CSIRO solar thermal research fields – reverse angle]

Words on screen: But we need your help to understand how Australians use energy.

[Researchers examining computer and phone screen, analysing data]

Words on screen: You can help by downloading the new CSIRO Energise app.

[Dr Adam Berry pictured indoors]

Dr Adam Berry: CSIRO Energise is an exciting new app from CSIRO that lets us collect surveys from people about how they interact with and use energy

[Close-up of app screen showing energy-related content]

Dr Adam Berry: And more importantly, it gives us a chance to communicate back to people about what we’ve learned about energy consumption and energy use in Australia.

[Various researchers shown discussing data in front of laptop, ipad. Talking, gesturing]

Words on screen: When you answer surveys, you’re part of the team that’s building a better energy future.

You’ll also get insights from us about what we’ve learned, and our exciting energy research.

[Dr Adam Berry pictured indoors]

Dr Adam Berry: One of the really exciting things about CSIRO Energise is that it’s giving us brand new data that we’ve never had before about the way Australians interact with and use energy.

[Two male researchers analyse data on computer screen]

Dt Adam Berry (voiceover): That’s going to allow us to shape the future of energy research and ultimately the future of energy in Australia.

[Dr Adam Berry pictured indoors]

Dr Adam Berry: I’d like to say to Energise users: Thank you so much for participating, it really does make a massive difference to the work we do.

[CSIRO corporate closing screen with CSIRO logo]

Words on screen: Download the free CSIRO Energise app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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How you can use the CSIRO Energise app


Participate in surveys to help us understand your energy use.


View charts, videos and information that highlight our energy discoveries.


Hear from our researchers as they tackle Australia’s biggest energy challenges.


Learn about how others across the nation use their energy.


Earn in-app points and awards as you contribute to Australia’s science efforts.


As a citizen scientist, make a valuable contribution to our national energy research.

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Help and feedback

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