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International water research and development

International water research and development

Sustaining groundwater management in Bangladesh

Researchers from Bangladesh and Australia are working together with policy makers to understand the sustainable level of water use, particularly groundwater use, for irrigation in the northwest region of Bangladesh.

Beijing, China

Our solar tech commercialised in China

Using our heliostat technology for CST electricity generation in China.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Insect protected cowpeas

We are part of a global project to improve cowpea production in Africa and are making progress towards incorporating ‘built-in’ insect pest protection that could help to reduce food shortages in the region.

Chengdu, South East Asia


Bats confirmed host of SARS virus

Our scientists, in collaboration with research partners, identified bats as the natural reservoir of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)-like coronaviruses.

Marine pollution: sources, distribution and fate

CSIRO conducts world-leading, award winning research into marine debris in Australia and beyond, on land and at sea, to help protect ecosystems and wildlife.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Co-creating Ecosystem based Fisheries Management Solutions

The MareFrame project, led by Dr. Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir (Matis ohf) and Prof Gunnar Stefánsson (University of Iceland) brings fisheries managers, environment groups and researchers from across the world together to address challenges in the sustainable management of European fisheries.

Germany, Europe

Kebari®: The ultra-low gluten barley

Kebari® barley is a grain we've developed that's ultra low in gluten. This means a wider variety of foods and beverages suitable for those that avoid gluten in their diet is just around the corner.


Protecting wine grapes from mildew

If we can better understand plant resistance to pathogens like fungi and oomycetes, we can successfully introduce genes for resistance into crops like grapevines, which will increase productivity and quality, and simultaneously decrease our dependence on chemicals for disease control.

West Bengal, India

Socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in South Asia

We are working with Australian and international partner organisations on a project which aims to achieve socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh.


Unlocking millions of tonnes of nickel

A new method of extracting nickel from Australia’s low-grade laterite reserves could make millions of tonnes of untapped nickel laterites economically viable.

International water research and development

Supporting basin planning in Nepal

Nepal’s plentiful water resources require careful management to ensure equitable use across the many competing demands of water users.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Finding solutions to FMD

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is a highly infectious viral disease affecting cloven hoofed animals. While FMD is not transmissible to people, the disease has major economic consequences. We're working with industry and government to ensure Australia is prepared should FMD reach our shores.

Koshi Basin, Pakistan

Addressing gender inequality

CSIRO research and project delivery in developing nations is aiming to help address gender inequality through the key areas of agriculture, water management, natural resource management, climate change, health, nutrition and education.

International water research and development

Supporting sustainable and productive water use in Pakistan

Building on a long history of working together, Australia and Pakistan are collaborating to implement Australian water resource management technologies and build local capacity in integrated water resources management and impact assessment.

Paris, France

Deal with Europe blasts Australia into the space economy

CSIRO has signed an agreement with the European Space Agency to allow more sharing of scientific expertise and to give Australia better access to the space agency’s extensive Earth observation satellite fleet.

Yule Island, Papua New Guninea

Rock lobster fishery balances lifestyle and livelihood

CSIRO researchers are studying the Torres Strait tropical rock lobster fishery to develop a scientific approach to integrate cultural factors into natural resource management.

South-East Asia

Novacq prawn feed

Novacq prawn feed, developed by CSIRO, is helping Australian prawn farmers grow bigger, healthier prawns sustainably, faster and cheaper.

Tianjin, China

40 years of collaboration with China

To mark 40 years of collaboration with China, we built an interactive timeline to showcase the research collaborations, staff exchanges and new innovations of our partnership.


Printable solar cells for lightweight energy

Our thin, flexible solar cells could offer an affordable solution to meeting the needs of increasing energy demands around the world.

UK and Europe

Delivering the next generation Penthrox 'green whistle'

We helped Medical Development International move into the European market by creating a new, scalable and reliable manufacturing process for their Penthrox 'green whistle' pain-relieving drug.


Controlling the global spread of rotavirus with a vaccine

We are supporting not-for-profit global health organisation PATH in their rotavirus vaccine development project, benefiting communities globally.

Silicon Valley

Telehealth services for specialist eye care

We’ve developed new technology to deliver specialist eye care to Indigenous and older Australians living in rural and remote areas.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Spray-on topcoat for aircraft

Our cost-effective topcoat technology is reducing environmental impact and improving worker safety in the aviation industry.