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[A sketched animation of flashing pictures representing sustainable energy solutions plays on screen]

Narrator: Our energy system is evolving, and there are plenty of sustainable solutions that can keep us powering ahead.

[Animation changes to show the multiple symbols that represent the element hydrogen]

One of these solutions is hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.

[Animation changes to show how hydrogen is produced]

There are a couple of different ways to produce hydrogen, like with natural gas, or by using

[Animations changes to show the hydrogen and oxygen elements]

electrolysis from renewable sources.

[Animations changes to show an hydrogen powered car]

Hydrogen can power cars, support our electricity system.

[Animations changes to show a light bulb and then a conveyor belt]

Is used in many industrial applications and can even be used for energy storage.

[Animations changes to show an

The only by-product of burning hydrogen is water.

[Animations changes to show a droplet of water]

And new technology means that carriers like ammonia

[Animations changes to show the hydrogen and ammonia elements linked together]

can store and transport hydrogen to where it’s needed.

[Animations changes to show an object similar to a petrol bowser with the “H” on it]

There are many opportunities for collaboration,

[Animations changes to show a rotating map of the world]

and Australia could take the lead.

[Animations changes to show objects representing research with beakers]

CSIRO is investing in research that will help ensure hydrogen has a role to play in our energy future.

[Music plays and CSIRO logo appears with text: Australia’s innovation catalyst]

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