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[Background music plays as carbon fibre manufacturing process is shown in the background.]

[Words appear across the screen]

CSIRO has just created the first carbon fibre entirely made in Australia.

Researchers made it at a CSIRO facility in Geelong.

Carbon fibre is incredibly strong but lightweight.

It’s used in everything from satellites to fighter planes and high performance cars.

Carbon fibre is only made by a handful of companies around the world.

Each has their own secret recipe.

So CSIRO had to crack the carbon fibre code and create its own top secret formula.

This carbon fibre is strong enough to use in cars.

It was completed at Deakin University’s “Carbon Nexus” facility.

CSIRO aims to use its own, patented technology to make the strongest, most high quality carbon fibre available.

This breakthrough means Australian industry can now mass-produce carbon fibre from scratch.

It’s another example of how CSIRO uses science to create future industries for Australia.

[CSIRO logo appears with the words Australia’s innovation catalyst shown underneath]

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