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[Music plays and an image appears of Dr Dong Han Seo walking towards the sea and taking a water sample from the sea with the Sydney Harbour bridge in the background and text appears: Sydney Harbour’s secret to life-saving water filtration]

[Image changes to show Dong Han looking at a large clear beaker of water]

Dr Dong Han Seo: Clean water is a big challenge in the 21st century.

[Image changes to show Dong Han and four other team members wearing CSIRO t-shirts and smiling at the camera]

Our team is motivated to solve and tackle this problem.

[Image changes to show Dong Han talking to the camera and text appears: Dr Dong Han Seo, CSIRO]

We’ve found a real-world application of graphene. Last year, we invented a unique graphene production process called Graphair where we can make low cost graphene from renewable materials and using our Graphair film we made a perfect water purification membrane.

[Image changes to show a male in a laboratory holding a small piece of membrane in tweezers and looking at it]

We wanted to demonstrate real-world application of graphene.

[Image changes to show Dong Han looking at a beaker of water and then the image changes to show Dong Han holding up a small piece of membrane]

We took the real contaminated water from the Sydney Harbour and we purified them in a single step to a drinkable water.

[Image changes to show Dong Han talking to the camera]

Our graphene membrane enables 100% salt rejection as well as 100% rejection of household contaminants such as detergents and oil without fouling which was tested for over many days.

[Images move through of a male looking at the membrane, liquid being put onto a microscope slide, a view looking down the microscope and Dong Han smiling in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge]

Potential impact of this research is actually enormous because what we are talking about is eliminating all the expensive complex pre-treatment, water treatment process, enabling single step membrane based purification process where, regardless of the different class of, or how heavily contaminated the water is, we will get the pure drinkable water in single step.

[Image shows a beaker of water being thrown in front of Dong Han as he stands in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge smiling]

[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo on a blue screen and text appears: Australia’s innovation catalyst]

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