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[Music plays. Image shows a hand holding a small high tech looking solar panel with plugs at the back]

We've made a tag that tells farmers their livestock could be sick or roaming too far.

[Image changes to show a cow standing in cattle yards with a high tech tag in its ear]

It's tougher than the harsh Aussie conditions and is designed to last the life of the animal

[Image changes to show cows moving around cattle yards with the ear tags]

Ceres Tag will mean farmers can locate and monitor their animals with improved grazing management, efficiency and traceability.

[Image changes to show a map on a laptop]

With Internet of Things (IoT) capability, it can unlock invaluable data for livestock producers and the supply chain.

[Image changes to show a woman holding a tag applicator and a tag]

Future versions will be smaller and lighter with added features.

[Image changes to show cattle leaving a paddock]

With our expertise in livestock, sensing and data analytics, we’re helping the agricultural industry grow the future.

[Images changes to show the Ceres Tag logo]

[Image changes to CSIRO closer. Australia’s innovation catalyst]

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