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Definitely quite a bit of optimism. We do have to put a lot of research into this and test these methods in the laboratory conditions. But I’m pretty optimistic, whether it's because these heat evolved microalgae, they can form the symbiosis with many different coral species. So when we increase the thermotolerance of this one microalgae strain, we can potentially increase the thermotolerance of many different coral species. But this is definitely a breakthrough and something that we haven't been able to do before. Because the reef has been declining or the conditions of the reef, they have been declining over the last few years, especially in Australia, we are looking into how to improve the conditions of the reef and how to restore it. What can we do, potentially to help corals survive climate change.

And there's a number of different options and potential interventions that we have to improve the thermotolerance of corals or to restore the reef. So this is really something that we have to develop pretty much as soon as possible, because if we need this very soon in the future, or in a few years, it would be too late to put these kind of efforts in to develop these interventions. So we really have to put all our efforts into now, to come up with potential solutions for the reef, in order to help it to survive climate change.

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