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Sequence 01

*Video begins*

Older woman stands in a kitchen wearing a blue and white striped apron. She leans over and washes a carrot in the sink. She places the carrot onto a chopping board. She turns to the stove , her back now facing the camera, and lifts the lid off a pot. She leans forward over the pot. She replaces the lid and turns back to face the camera. She picks up a small knife and slices a carrot on the chopping board . She turns to the right and smiles. An older man walks in from the right. A large black dog follows him. Only the top of the dog’s head and back are visible behind the kitchen bench. The man reaches over and takes two pieces of sliced carrot from the chopping board. He glances briefly at the camera. He eats one piece of t he carrot and leans down to feed the other to the dog. The woman glances down at the dog and smiles. She continues to chop the carrot as she says something inaudible to the man, who is stroking the dog’s head and back. The man says something inaudible to the woman and nods. The woman smiles and glances down at the dog. 

*Video ends*

Sequence 02 (Speech recorded)

*Video begins*

An older man stands in a kitchen wearing a blue and white striped apron. He faces the camera, and he holds a metal jug and a glass jar of sugar. He approaches an older woman who stands next to a kitchen bench, alongside a large black dog. He smiles.

Older man: Cup of coffee, Gail? 

The older woman smiles.

Older woman: Yes, love. Thank you. 

The man places the jar of sugar next to two coffee mugs on the kitchen bench. He pours from the metal jug into one of the mugs. The woman picks up the mug as the man pours into the other mug. 

Older man:  Any sugar for you?

Older woman: No, thank you. 

The woman drinks from her mug. The man spoons sugar into his mug.

Older man: I’m going to have to take this sugar out before we put this… before we put the cups away. 

The woman chuckles. There is laughter in the background. The man places the lid on the jar of sugar and picks up his mug. He tilts it towards the woman and smiles.

Older man: Ah, well. How about this?

The woman smiles and gestures to the left. 

Older woman: Well.

*Video ends*

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