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Argo float b-roll footage.


[Text appears on screen with title of “Argo Float b-roll” in white on a black background]

[Image changes to a vessel, the RV Investigator, with a crane on board that is attached to a large floating sensor buoy. There is a small inflatable raft to one side of the vessel]

[Image changes to map of the ocean with Tasmania and New Zealand visible. The CSIRO logo is in the top right of screen]

[Image moves through a green indicator and resulting line with 5906623 to the right. The indicator and line show movement on the map. Text to the left reads: Released 12 December 2020]

[Image moves through the indicator and line doing several large ovals and moving along to the right. Text appears: Recovered 17 November 2023]

[Image changes to the side of a vessel. There is a hoist with purple ropes and it is lifting something up from the ocean that is not yet visible]

[Image moves through the hoist and it’s contents swaying with the ocean and tilting]

[Image moves through the hoist raising. There are gloved hands visible on the side of the vessel with one set holding a set of lines to assist with keeping the hoist and contents stable]

[Image moves through to show the hoist has a metal frame and interwoven base. On top of the hoist is a sensor]

[Image moves with the hoist being raised. Several people are visible along the side of the vessel. They are wearing hi vis clothing, life jackets and hardhats]

[Image changes to a different angle of the hoist being raised with the sensor visible. People using guiding lines are visible]

[Image moves through the hoist being raised with the angle from the opposite end of the ship. As the hoist is lifted from the water the sensor falls sideways on the hoist. One of the people watching claps their hands as the hoist rises above the ocean]

[Image moves through the hoist being brought to the guard rails. Two people reach out to steady the hoist, one grasps the purple lines as it is brought closer to the vessel]

[Image moves through two people using guide lines to bring the hoist closer and then to a closer view of the sensor]

[Image moves through the hoist swinging closer to the guard rail and being guided onto the vessel by three people]


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