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B-roll showing Newcastle's Solar Facility


[Image appears of the Newcastle Solar Facility. Buildings, solar panels, a carpark, a road and greenery are visible in the shot taken overhead]

[Image changes to show the CSIRO Energy Centre on the top of ht building and a lot of solar panels on the roof of the building]

[Image changes to an overhead shot of the grassed area and also the solar panels that are lined up facing towards the road]

[Image changes to pan down behind a large grey building behind the solar panels that face a small lake]

[Image pans around buildings to show the solar panels with the sun reflecting off them]

[Image changes to pull back from the building marked CSIRO Energy Centre]

[Image changes to overhead shot of large solar panels installed on the ground outside a building]

[Image changes to a long shot of the solar panels with the buildings behind and to the left]

[Image changes to overhead shot of solar panels in front of a building with the sun reflecting off them]

[Image changes to a shot of the solar panels on the ground with the shot being taken from behind the panels that are upright]

[Image changes to pan over a collection of solar panels that are on the ground, their attachment to a pole anchored to the ground is visible]

[Image changes to show a collection of sensors affixed to metal chairs behind the solar panels]

[Image changes to pan over small solar panels attached to the outside of a building] 

[Image changes to show a variety of different solar panels on the roof of a metal clad building]


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