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Continuous 3D


[Music plays and a split circle appears and photographs of various CSIRO activities flash through on either side of the circle, and then the circle morphs into the CSIRO logo]


[Animation image appears of an aeroplane landing at an airport on a construction site]


Narrator: Today, industry and infrastructure is expanding further and faster than ever.


[Animation image appears of an exclamation mark symbol in a triangle above the construction site]


But when something breaks everything grinds to a halt and that’s a big problem.


[Camera zooms in on an animation of a worker working on a loader, and then the animation image changes to show dollar, downwards arrow, and bin symbols, within circles and text appears beneath: Costs, Productivity, Waste]


There’s just not enough skilled labour to do the repairs which causes costly delays, productivity decline and unnecessary waste.


[Animation image changes to show a question mark symbol inside a triangle]


So, what’s the solution?


[Animation image changes to show two robotic machines either side of text: Continuous 3D]


Robots, Continuous 3D automates the repair of metal components


[Animation image changes to show a robotic machine repairing a loader]


by enabling robots to perform a variety of complex 3D tasks.


[Animation image changes to show a robotic machine working on repairs]


The patented software allows robots to make sense of the environment around them and work autonomously based on the data they collect all without any user programming.


[Animation image changes to show a ticking clock]


Robots can be sent into the field within minutes to perform repairs.


[Animation image changes to show many robotic machines working on repairs, and then the camera zooms out and a symbol of a worker appears above linked by lines to the robotic machines]


Then eventually fleets of robots will work together on large projects, leaving humans to focus on planning, monitoring and supervision,


[Animation image changes to show symbols of a clock, a dollar symbol and a heart symbol, and text appears below: Time, Money, Lives]


saving time, money and lives.


[Animation image changes to show text: Continuous 3D, Find out more at[Link will open in a new window]]


Continuous 3D, building the future while keeping humans out of harm’s way.


[Music plays and the image changes to show the CSIRO logo, and text appears: CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency]



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