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Video presentation at the 2018 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics by The Australian of the Year, Michelle Simmons


[Image appears of the UNSW in the background and Professor Michelle Simmons talking to the camera in the foreground and the UNSW Sydney logo and text appears: Professor Michelle Simmons, Scientia Professor of Quantum Physics, UNSW Sydney, 2018 Australian of the Year]


Professor Michelle Simmons: Good afternoon everyone. This is indeed a very special afternoon for Naomi Paxton, this year’s recipient of the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics. Congratulations Naomi. What a well-deserved honour for you.


[Camera zooms in on Michelle as she talks]


Dedicating your career to revolutionary endeavours requires strength, tenacity and leadership and your Academic Record is outstanding and it’s contributed to your selection for this scholarship. It’s an indication that these qualities are obviously already well entrenched, and I have little doubt they will continue to characterise you as your career evolves.


[Camera zooms out again on Michelle talking to the camera]


In my life, I’ve had four mantras that have helped me on my way which I’m going to share with you now. Do what’s hard. Take risks. Place high expectations on yourself. And do something that matters. These mantras have framed my intentions along my career path and your efforts to pursue this innovative technology speak to my own personal mantras.


[Camera zooms in on Michelle as she talks]


I commend you on the boldness of your Research Project. The impact that your project focus will have on modern health care, the world over, is undeniable. I’m also encouraged by the disruptive nature of your research, particularly as it illustrates once again that Australia nurtures some of the world leading scientists. I look forward to learning more on your developments and progress in the future and that future looks very bright for you.


[Camera zooms out again on Michelle talking to the camera]


Congratulations once again on being named the 2018 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship and Physics recipient. I wish you all the very best as you prepare to head to the Imperial College in London to advance your research project. Well done.


[Image changes to show the UNSW Sydney logo on the screen and text appears beneath, Copyright, UNSW Sydney]


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