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Environomics Future Science Platform


[Music plays and an animation image appears of a person walking up a hill and then the camera zooms in to show the person bending down and picking a flower and text appears: Environomics Future Science Platform]

[Image changes to show a grasshopper crawling along on a toothbrush and then the image changes to show a researcher in a laboratory]

Narrator: If you find something that perhaps shouldn’t be there how can you find out what it is?

[Animation images move through to show a male walking out to a border checkpoint and trucks can be seen moving through, insects on a flowering plant, a flower specimen on an identification card]

Taking early action can save millions of dollars by preventing a pest or weed from taking hold and lead to a healthier environment overall.

[Animation images move through of specimens on identification cards, a male working in a herbarium room, and a hand holding up a Smartphone to show a female talking on a Smartphone screen]

CSIRO holds reference collections of millions of expertly identified plants and animals and we’re part of a global network.

[Animation images move through of insects climbing up and down a plant, a bee pollinating a flower on a computer screen, and a computer screen covered with coloured genome dots]

We can get DNA from very old specimens and even identify the plants that insects in our collections visited decades ago. We’re using innovative science and technology to read genomes.

[Animation image changes to show coloured DNA Barcodes and then the animation image changes to show a frog and a whipbird and text appears: DNA Barcodes, Australian Lace-Lid, Eastern Whipbird]

We’re creating barcodes for important species which means we can identify living things by reading their DNA.

[Music plays and the image moves off the left of the screen and other species of insects appear on the right and then a thistle seed appears inset and text appears: Sow Thistle’s seeds, Environmental Threat]

[Animation image changes to show a hand putting a laptop on a bench and then the camera zooms out to show a female sitting and working on the laptop and a penguin walking towards her]

We’re working on making species identification simple and accessible using a handheld DNA sequencer.

[Animation image changes to show images on the screen of a coloured genome sequence, a person walking on a hill, a researcher, an insect on a flower, a researcher using a laptop, and a flower]

Talk to us about using genomics to solve environmental problems.

[Music plays and the animation image changes to show kangaroos hopping across a landscape and text appears:]

[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo on a blue screen and text appears: Australia’s innovation catalyst]

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