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[Image appears of a split circle and photographs of various CSIRO activities are shown in either side, and then the circle morphs into the CSIRO logo]


[Animation images move through of a Smartphone, and then an electric vehicle can be seen moving past an EV charger, a home, a wind farm, a solar farm, and then electricity poles linked to batteries]


Narrator: From powering our mobile devices, electric vehicles and homes, to providing grid-scale energy storage,


[Animation image changes to show a computer on a desk receiving Wi-Fi]


lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised the way we live in the world.


[Animation image changes to show a map of Australia and symbols of different metals appear on the map]


In Australia we have significant reserves of all the raw materials needed to make batteries,

and the world-class resources to manufacture them.


[Animation image changes to show a spinning world globe being circled by a satellite, and the image shows a battery factory in North America on the map]


But did you know that 100% of Australia’s lithium-ion batteries are currently imported from overseas?


[Animation image changes to show a map of Australia, and the image shows battery factories and ports marked on the map, and text appears: 100% Australian]


What if we could build the whole battery value chain right here?


[Animation image changes to show a mining truck moving through a processing facility, and then the image changes to show atom structures]


Australia has capabilities in mining, and we’re building our capability in processing battery active materials and cell manufacture.


[Animation image shows the atom structure morphing into batteries stacking one on top of each other, and then forming part of a dollar symbol]


Utilising this existing knowledge could contribute $7.4 billion annually to Australia’s economy.


[Animation image changes to show a researcher working in a lab, and then the image moves down, and symbols of a wind turbine, a house with arrows below, and a wave appear around the researcher]


Here at CSIRO, we have the skills and knowledge required to deliver more sustainable energy efficient solutions.


[Animation image shows a thought bubble appearing next to the researcher, and symbols of an atom structure, a leaf, and a spike protein appear inside the thought bubble]


And we’re working on developing some of the key technologies needed to reach the next generation of higher energy storage systems.


[Animation image changes to show a processing plant leading to electricity poles, linked to symbols of houses, light bulbs, and factories to show the energy network]


But as technology advances into the future, our energy storage requirements will also need to be revolutionized. We’ll need: new management systems to integrate more renewable energy into an electricity network that was originally designed for fossil fuel technologies;


[Animation image moves down the screen and new symbols appear showing wind turbines, and solar panels linking into the energy network with the CSIRO symbol at the centre]


and disruptive change, to propel us towards meeting our future energy needs reliably, sustainably and at lowest cost.


[Animation image shows a text box appearing at the bottom right of the screen: Revolutionary Energy Storage Systems, Future Science Platform]


That’s why we’ve launched the Revolutionary Energy Storage Systems Future Science Platform.


[Animation image shows the electricity network moving down the screen, and a picture of a city appears in its place]


A science investment focused on solving the critical science and technology challenges that will take us well beyond the limitations of today’s energy storage.


[Animation image moves to the left, and an EV can be seen moving along towards the right past an EV charger, and then a Smart watch on an arm can be seen being recharged]


This FSP aims to unlock the secret to efficient, clean and safe energy storage that could see us charge electric vehicles as easily as we now fill our petrol tanks, or keep our portable devices charged for many days without the need to recharge.


[Animation image changes to show a female looking at a Smartwatch, and then the camera zooms out to show the female recharging her Smartwatch from an electricity pole]


The opportunities in future energy storage are exciting and boundless, but it all starts with building a reliable and safe value chain here in Australia.


[Animation image changes to show the EV moving past a city, and then the image changes to show text on a white screen:]


To learn more about how we’re revolutionising battery manufacturing in Australia, visit


[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo on a white screen, and text appears: Australia’s National Science Agency]

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