Generation STEM is a 10 year investment into the development and retention of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in NSW.

Over recent years there has been growing recognition across government bodies, industry and the education sector of the need to improve outcomes in Australia's STEM education and employment pipeline to meet two important needs:

  • ensuring that all students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in 21st century occupations
  • ensuring that our employers and industry can access the talent they need to compete in an increasingly digital and global economy.

Generation STEM is a 10 year initiative that has been established to directly address these needs in NSW. The initiative aims to attract more diverse and high‐potential students into NSW‐based STEM educational pathways, and retain top performers in NSW‐based STEM employment and/or further education to increase the supply of a STEM-skilled workforce in the state.

Teacher and scientist using AR equipment  ©JEREMY PARK

CSIRO will work with government, industry, research and education sectors to deliver activities under the initiative under a series of three three-year operational plans.

A strategic plan for the initiative, informed by research that identifies current STEM education and career pathways and existing successful programs and gaps within NSW, is expected to be finalised in Q3 2018.

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