Sustainable Futures is an education program that combines the latest in climate science with education in sustainability.

The Sustainable Futures program is designed to support primary and secondary teachers working with students in Years 3 to 10. Teachers who register with the program receive free access to digital teaching resources which includes a variety of ideas and activities to support the teaching of sustainability and the environment in Australian schools.

Sustainable Futures provides integrated curriculum units for teaching about sustainability and the environment, such as this soil investigation.

Goals of Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures:

  • encourages your students to develop skills in the process of inquiry, literature research, experimental investigation and critical thinking
  • facilitates collaborative learning
  • promotes a critical and an action based approach to problem solving
  • is teacher and student friendly.

Support for registered teachers

Sustainable Futures provides the following to support sustainability teaching in the classroom:

  • a set of integrated curriculum units for Years 3 to 10
  • a wealth of cross-curricular activities to support the teaching of sustainability and the environment
  • illustrations and examples of how and where sustainability is integrated in the Australian Curriculum
  • opportunities and activities for classes and individuals that lead to staff and students taking action at school and at home
  • opportunities for students to develop leadership, presentation and communication skills.

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