The Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy program has been designed to combine STEM extension activities and individualised support for participants.

The individualised support will be provided in the form of tutoring, specialist STEM activities, mentors and peer networks. The Academy will leverage existing STEM and Commonwealth support to ensure that all students that start their degree will be supported to complete their degree. After completing university, Academy students will move into STEM related careers with the assistance of CareerTrackers.


Support will be provided in the form of tutoring, specialist STEM activities, mentors and peer networks from Year 8 through to graduate employment.

Program activities

Year 8

Residential camp featuring STEM activities, online assemblies where students will virtually connect across sites via videoconferencing and the development of an individual learning journey plan.

Year 9

Participation in programs including Bebras (computational thinking competition), CREST (Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology), online assemblies, individual learning journey planning and work experience preparation

Year 10

Participation in programs including Digital Careers, CREST, work experience, online assemblies, individual learning journey planning and a STEM extension residential camp.

Work experience will be arranged as part of the student’s individual learning journey planning and will be subject to additional consent from parents/guardians.

Year 11

Participation in programs including Digital Careers, CREST, individual learning journey planning and online assemblies.

Year 12

Participation in programs including CREST, online assemblies, transition to CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program.


Join the CareerTrackers program and complete internships in winter and summer university break. Receive support from a dedicated student advisor, and receive professional development training.

Professional Development with CareerTrackers

Objective Standard CareerTrackers program STEM specific program
  • Fortnightly contact with your Student Advisor throughout the year.
  • Monthly meetings with your Student Advisor focused on personal and professional development.
  • Dedicated support while interning to ensure you are well supported in the workplace.
  • Access to a STEM industry mentor to support your professional development and academic achievement.
  • Activities and events exclusive to STEM students.
  • Development of a personalised career plan.
  • Undertake group and one-on-one interview preparation training to ensure you are ready to earn your internship.
  • Participate in world-class leadership and development workshops to prepare you for your career.
  • STEM-focused webinars featuring industry-leading speakers.
  • Complete paid internships upon completion of year 12 and throughout your university studies aligned with your career aspirations.
  • Deliver presentations to business leaders and receive formal performance feedback to help you grow.
  • Work in an organisation related to your field of STEM study.
  • Network and work for some of Australia’s most successful industry leaders.
  • Attend our annual Leadership Development Institute each year throughout your degree.
  • Complete world-class training programs focused on leadership development.
  • Support high school students in a week-long Work Shadowing program highlighting careers in STEM.
  • Build life-long connections with the CareerTrackers cohort.
  • Participate in workshops and events hosted by our ecosystem partners.
  • Give back as an alumnus at program events.
  • Build awareness on careers in STEM, support the next generation of STEM professionals, and connect with peers.

CareerTrackers timeline


Year 12  
Program Orientation* March - April
CV Writing & Company Matching* March - April
Interview Preparation Training* April - May
Networking Events April - May
Interview May - July
Kick Off Event January
Internship January


University Semester 1 Semester 2
Program Orientation* March August
CV Writing & Company Matching* March - April August - September
Interview Preparation Training* April September
Networking Events April - May August - October
Interview* May October - November
Kick Off Event June November
Internship June - July November - February
Program Day June - July November - December
Christmas / New Year Shutdown December - January
LDI National Conference January

*You’ll only need to complete tasks once when you first join CareerTrackers.

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