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We're aiming to deliver renewable energy solutions from our critical minerals

The Renewable Energy Powerhouse mission in development brings together the work of our Critical Energy Metals and Energy Storage teams to deliver sovereign solutions to decarbonise our energy system. This mission in development is in the concept/planning stage.

[Music plays and a split circle appears and photos of different CSIRO activities flash through in either side of the circle and then the circle morphs into the CSIRO logo]

[Animation image changes to show the CSIRO logo appearing on a Smartphone screen and in the background a car can be seen pulling up to an EV charging point]

Narrator: The world is changing and how we generate energy is changing with it.

[Animation images move across the screen showing a solar powered home, banks of solar panels, wind turbines, electricity wires leading to a bank of batteries, and a laptop on a table]

From electric vehicles to solar powered homes, to grid scale renewable energy power plants, integration of these technologies with energy storage is a vital part of realising our energy future.

[Animation image changes to show an Australia map surrounded by critical mineral names, and then the image shows a satellite moving across the screen in front of the map]

In Australia we have significant reserves of all the critical minerals needed to make renewable technologies and the world class resources to manufacture them.

[Animation image changes to show a world globe rotating and images of various factories appear in different countries of the world globe as it rotates, and then the globe rotates to show Australia]

But did you know that 100% of Australia’s lithium ion batteries and solar panels are currently imported from overseas?

[Animation image shows various factories and manufacturing facilities appearing on the map of Australia, and then text appears: 100% Australian]

What if we could build the whole renewable energy value chain right here?

[Animation image changes to show a mining truck moving into a processing facility, and then the animation image changes to show a battery surrounded by solar panels]

Australia has capabilities in mining and we’re building our capability in processing component materials for solar and battery cell manufacture.

[Animation image changes to show multiple batteries piling on top of each other and forming part of a dollar symbol]

The transformation of minerals to advanced manufactured products could contribute tens of billions of dollars annually to Australia’s economy.

[Animation image changes to show a researcher looking at liquid in a beaker, and then the researcher being surrounded by symbols of a magnet, a wind turbine, a solar house, a wave, and batteries]

Here at CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, we have the skills and knowledge required to deliver the materials and devices needed to achieve this. And we’re working on some of the key technologies needed to develop and demonstrate energy storage and generation systems.

[Animation image changes to show the CSIRO logo and text on a white screen: CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, Renewable Energy Powerhouse Mission]

To achieve this we are launching the Renewable Energy Powerhouse Mission.

[Animation image changes to show chemical and mineral symbols, and then the animation image changes to show solar panels in a paddock surrounded by sheep, cows, and a kangaroo]

Critical minerals are the backbone of today’s renewable energy technologies. To meet tomorrow’s renewable energy needs we’ll require more of these precious elements.

[Image changes to show three overlapping circles showing text: Enviro, Economic, Social]

We also need to reduce the carbon footprint of mining by developing more sustainable processes. But there are other benefits as well.

[Animation image changes to show a ship, and then animation images move through to show a factory, an employee working on a battery, a city, and an electric vehicle]

Securing local and global supply chains; Building manufacturing capability; Providing jobs of the future in clean energy; Demonstration of technologies both early stage and mature to enable uptake,

[Animation image changes to show a Smart watch being charged, and then the animation image changes to show a female looking at the Smartwatch]

leading to affordable and reliable clean energy technologies and ensuring energy security for the future for all of us.

[Animation image changes to show a city, and then the image changes to show text on a white

To learn how CSIRO is driving Australia to be a renewable energy powerhouse visit

[Music plays and the image changes to show the CSIRO logo on a white screen, and text appears: CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency]

We are working on some of the key technologies needed to develop and demonstrate energy storage and generation systems.

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Unlocking the full economic potential of our energy metals by creating and demonstrating the breakthrough technologies

The global energy transformation will depend on the sustainable supply of critical metals and related minerals to build the renewable energy technologies required to accelerate this shift.

Australia is well positioned to capitalise on this surging demand given our strong resource base and growing internal market for renewable energy and energy storage. Australia has most, if not all, of the minerals required but these are exported, not turned into the products we need here in Australia. We can realise great economic benefits through sustainably producing refined metals, pre-cursor chemicals, alloys, active materials and manufactured products as well as improving the affordability of these technologies. This will ensure Australia's energy independence into the future, secure our path to Net Zero, and position Australia as a trusted global supplier of critical minerals and renewable energy technologies.

The demonstration of a range of renewable energy technologies, both mature and emergent, is required to support industry and communities, both local and international, to enable the energy transformation. By identifying new locations for smelting and manufacturing activity, investing in emissions-saving processes, and supporting circular supply chains, we can deliver jobs and prosperity to the Australian people.

Potential impact

Establishing new, resilient, and sustainable processing and manufacturing industries and high-technology jobs

  • Deliver the sovereign renewable energy capabilities needed to transform our energy system and deliver on Australia’s net zero emissions target.
  • Help establish new, resilient, and sustainable processing and manufacturing industries and high-technology jobs.

Proposed focus

Finding Australia's advantage

  • Sustainable Mineral Processes for critical minerals
  • Improving the affordability of energy storage technologies
  • Securing Australia’s supply chains and those of allied economies for critical minerals
  • Delivering solutions for remote communities and unique cases


Identifying the best economic opportunities for Australia

The mission in development is currently focused on identifying the best economic opportunities for Australia by analysing technology trends against our own competitive advantages.

With a robust strategy in hand, then we will then seek to partner and attract investment into applied research, demonstrations and scale-up of advanced processing and manufacturing technologies.

In the mid-term (5 years) we will plan to concentrate on transitioning these new technologies into industrial settings to underpin the establishment of new industries.


Working together to unlock Australia's critical metals opportunities

We’re seeking partners in government, industry, and research institutions to help us develop this Mission and define its proposed work package.

Please contact Chris Vernon (Minerals), Kate Cavanagh (Energy), or Adam Best (Manufacturing) to get involved.

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