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Join the Quantum revolution

With the exponential growth in the quantum space, we're seeking the brightest scientific minds to lead the charge.

Quantum technology holds the potential to help solve some of society's greatest challenges. That's why we're playing our part in this emerging industry by building infrastructure and research capability, and ensuring quantum produces equitable outcomes for all Australians.

To do this, we are seeking researchers, innovators, and future leaders to play key roles in influencing the development of new cutting-edge quantum technologies and be part of this emerging quantum workforce to deliver on Australia’s future quantum industry.

We are inviting applications from people with creative ideas, deep expertise and a collaborative research approach to contribute to our quantum activities and priority areas.  Creating a thriving quantum industry requires a diverse workforce and we would encourage applications from early career researchers through to senior established researchers.  There are opportunities for theoreticians, computer scientists, physicists, engineers, biologists, and materials scientists to join our growing quantum community.


We seek talented individuals in a range of quantum related fields

Here's just a sample of the exciting roles within our quantum programs

Quantum device physicists

We are seeking physicists with expertise in low temperature physics, quantum optics, photonics or superconducting electronics. Whether your passion is device design, modelling, fabrication or testing we would love to hear from you.

Materials scientists and engineers

We are looking for scientists and engineers with experience with fabricating and characterising novel materials and thin films and/or expertise in device fabrication using nanolithography or thermal scanning probe lithography techniques.

Quantum software engineers

Software engineers with expertise in software architecture and quality, software development processes or empirical software engineering.  Basic knowledge of quantum systems and/or quantum software programming is needed. Research experience in quantum computing is desirable but not essential.

Research scientists in cybersecurity

We are building our team to drive the development and adoption of cybersecurity solutions in Australia, through developing security primitives, protocols and methods that ensure organisations and people stay secure from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Electronics, cryogenics and systems engineers

The integration of quantum technologies into engineered solutions and systems requires a diverse set of skills. We welcome applications from experienced engineers with applied knowledge in electronics, cryogenics or systems development and integration. Knowledge or experience with quantum technologies is desirable but not essential.

Postdoctoral fellowships

We are offering postdoctoral fellowships to exceptional early career researchers with a passion for exploring the potential of quantum technology across a broad range of research fields. This includes quantum optics, low-temperature physics, 2D materials, quantum devices, quantum software and algorithms.

Other skills and expertise

We are looking for creative, curious and collaborative problem solvers who want to make real world impact with technology. Existing expertise with quantum technologies is not a pre-requisite.


Meet the team

We have an amazing team of researchers and scientists

They collaborate to deliver solutions to some of Australia’s, and the world’s, most complex challenges.

Wendy  Purches

Senior Research Scientist – Quantum Device Fabrication

What is your role? Team Leader, Quantum Device Fabrication

What do you love about CSIRO? I love that no two days are the same. I get to solve interesting problems and work with fantastic people. My career has taken directions I never could have dreamed of as a younger researcher thanks to the opportunities and support I’ve been given.

What attracted you to work at CSIRO? I’m drawn to the idea of public service, and CSIRO’s goal is to solve Australia’s greatest challenges through innovative science and technology. My role sits at the intersection of science and industry, which really attracted me.

What most excites you about quantum technologies? The invisible future. We know that the invention of the transistor last century is still shaping the world we live in today in ways that never could have been predicted. It will be the same for quantum technologies. The future is invisible to us, but we know by working on quantum technology we are a part of it in a big way.

Gabriella Skoff

PhD Candidate, The University of Sydney Business School

What is your role? Postgraduate, Agricultural and Digital Innovation

What do you love about CSIRO? That my research is supported by the Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform and is evidence of CSIRO's ongoing commitment to achieving this objective. It is this type of future-forward thinking that I admire most about CSIRO.

What attracted you to work at CSIRO? I first reached out to the Directors – Jim Rabeau of CSIRO's Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform and Justine Lacey of the Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform because I wanted my research to have a practical impact. Having worked in academia for many years, I was conscious of potentially limiting my sphere of influence and wanted to work with CSIRO in order to expand the relevance and reach of my research output.

What most excites you about quantum technologies? The thing that excites me most about the next generation of quantum technologies is that they aren't commercially useful yet. While that may sound counterintuitive, I believe quantum presents us with an opportunity to apply lessons learned from the irresponsible commercialisation of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to build better systems of innovation that benefit more people and create less harm.

James Quach

Science Leader in Quantum Science and Technology

What is your role? Principal Research Scientist, Emerging Energy Technologies

What do you love about CSIRO? The thing I love most about CSIRO is the collaborative and supportive environment.

What attracted you to work at CSIRO? What attracted me most about CSIRO is its focus on impact through scientific discoveries and technological development research.

What most excites you about quantum technologies? Quantum mechanics is a branch of modern physics that deals with the very small: molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles. The laws of quantum mechanics depart from the classical laws of physics in very fundamental ways. Because of this, things in the quantum mechanical realm can behave in very weird and wonderful ways. What excites me most about quantum technologies is its potential to underpin the next generation of technological advances, using these strange laws of nature.

Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform

Our Quantum Technology Future Science Platform is building capability and expertise to play a key role in the emerging global quantum industry.

Sensing, communication and computation are the three areas where we will accelerate capability growth and network formation in quantum technology. The Quantum Technologies FSP is led by Jim Rabeau and is part of a larger and growing portfolio of investment and work in quantum technology at CSIRO.

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