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How to Bebras - Facilitating the Bebras Challenge at your school

This video tutorial outlines how to sign-up, facilitate, and access results and certificates for The Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge.

hello and welcome to this video tutorial on how to be bras setting up the Beavers challenge for yourself or your school my name is Adam and I am from the digital careers team as part of education and Outreach at csiro and I'll be here to show you how to register as a coordinator and facilitate the Beavers challenge for your students if you have any questions about anything you see in this tutorial or have any other queries you can reach out to us at the email address in the bottom left of your screen that's digital careers at csiro dot a u you can also head to our website at digital hyphen careers so the Babe Ruth's challenge is an online computational thinking uh challenge for students from years three to year 12.

uh it's a curriculum aligned to the digital career the digital Technologies curriculum and it's a fun interactive way for getting students to either challenge themselves with computational thinking and other informatics topics or a great way to start as an engaging exercise to really spark that momentum in getting students interested in these topics so a little bit about the favorites challenge we're here delivers as part of Babe Ruth's Australia but it is a worldwide uh phenomenon and over three million students participated worldwide in 2022 from 59 countries and that is growing all the time if countries are all across the globe but in Australia we had nearly 53 000 students participate in 2022. which is very exciting it's a bi-annual event so if you're watching this in 2023 round one will be taking place between 24th of April and 14th of May and round two will be taking place between the 21st of August and the 10th of September as you can see each round is open for three weeks to give you the flexibility of when to allow your students to participate and as I mentioned anyone from years three to year 12 can take part depending on the student's year group

The Challenge will take 45 or 60 Minutes to complete from the moment they log in and the questions are split up into easy medium and hard difficulties there are a total of 15 questions to complete within that time period students could compete either individually or if you would like they can also participate it in groups of up to four and it really importantly Bieber's is free interactive and online so it is very accessible to anyone in the population what we'll be going through today is all of the steps that you will need to know as a coordinator to be able to successfully facilitate the challenge at your school or for your students if you are a home school or an after-school group including how to register as a coordinator how to collect consent forms setting up your students on the system resources that you can use to help your students practice or extend them Beyond The Challenge if they're interested in these topics we'll also look at during the challenge period itself how students actually log on and partake in the challenge and then post challenge as well we'll have a look where you can download your results and certificates and utilize some of these other resources

so up the front some important websites that you will need to know the first is where we'll head to in just a moment which is admin that is your where you'll access your coordinator profile and be able to manage all of the settings to allow your students to participate the students themselves will need to log into to be able to log in and participate in the challenge itself during the challenge window um and there'll be all of these links plus other important links on our vibrous portal on our website which is www.siro.aubris or you can head to the previous digital careers website uh and navigate to the section as well so without further Ado we're going to head to the website over here and have a look at how we can register as a coordinator so you can see in the URL we've had headed to that website now if you already have a coordinator profile you can log in here by putting in your username and password if you've forgotten your password click on the link here that says I forgot my password where you'll be prompted to enter your username or email you'll receive an email from the Libras challenge website getting you to click a link to be able to reset your password and click that button over here as well but let's assume that you are a new coordinator uh perhaps to your school you may have changed schools or you're the first at your school to register for the challenge so we'll click on register as a coordinator you can have a look at the terms and conditions of participating in bebris which are also available in your coordinator profile once you have registered but you can find them up here as well however you'll need to contact us directly via our email address digital careers at if you go through this process and your school does not appear this sometimes happens for schools that are newly created and haven't quite been updated on the acara database um or if you're a parent tutor or homeschool and wanting to register as a coordinator you'll need to email us over here and include your full name your suburb and your postcode and it's also helpful just to let us know what year level your students are participating in but we're going to assume that uh you're a teacher from a school here uh and click on Queensland um which is where we've set up our example Cyrus School the suburb is Darden Park and you'll see when we click on find a school that we can navigate to Cyro digital careers over here so once we've put in those details we'll click on the next step I'm going to enter in uh our email over here so you'll need to fill in the following details to be able to um sign up so we'll put in Babe Ruth DC as our username and put in a password that matches which is lovely and we'll put in our first name is DC and our last name is Cyro and gender as mail so once you've done this you can click on request registration but before I do it's worth noting this uh comment up here that you need to use your at your school or education department issued email address when registering for the Beavers challenge this is for privacy reasons so we can that we can ensure that you are indeed from the school that you say you're coming from if you're interested with a personal email you'll probably get an email back from us saying we've received your request but we'll need you to recomplete your registration with your department uh issued email address and if you don't have one we can set you up as a homeschool uh coordinator to allow your student if you're not attached to a school as previously mentioned

all right so once you have clicked request registration you'll notice that you'll get onto this landing page which says thank you for registering and you'll note that it sometimes during busy periods will take up to two business days for us to approve um and you can email us at our email address if you have any questions uh sometimes and in fact usually it'll be a lot sooner than two business days it just depends on how busy the period is but I'm going to go ahead and approve uh this coordinator over here so now we can log in with the details that we had and this is what you will be met with if this is the first time you've created a coordinator profile under this name or it's a new school that you're assigning yourself to if you're the first coordinator you'll be met with an Angry Red Box on this screen over here when you firstly log into your profile so what this page is has uh is all about the parental consent forms and the terms and conditions so for privacy reasons all students participating in the Beavers challenge we'll just need parental consent which is just this form downloaded over here and signed by the parents in order to participate that's because you will be uploading their name into the system parents who don't want their students upload into the system can also still participate you'll just need to enter them under a pseudonym which we'll go into in a moment so once you have done this you'll need to tick these boxes saying that I have read it and then you will be able to navigate to the rest of the profile so you'll see your school details up here um and then we can navigate to the dashboard of your group which will give you information about what is happening at your school there isn't much happening here because we're not in a round at the moment it's the start of the year uh you'll be able to see all the other coordinators in your school over here and their details it's worth noting that if you uh register for a school or if you're logging into a school for the first time uh of the New Year please note who is the main coordinator of your school they have extra settings that they can use to edit other coordinators for example if the main coordinator no longer goes to your school uh please send us an email and we'll be able to change that over to someone more relevant the main coordinator can delete other coordinators if they no longer are relevant to be attached to the school but what we are interested in now is how to upload students uh so I'll show you how to do that but firstly let's navigate across to the download section because this has a lot of really useful things for us in there so we click on downloads we'll see there's a whole bunch of uh different things these are not fully up to date because um around 1 2023 hasn't happened but we can see some examples from round two of 2022 to see some of the things we may see so firstly uh you'll see the Bieber's handbook which has information on everything we're going through here in a step-by-step guide which is a really useful resource which you can also access via our website you can also access the privacy and consent forms over here as well as a poster that you can put in your classroom or school or hand out to relevant people that has all the details about when Bieber is happening this year the terms and conditions as well which will be updated for 2023 can be found here too and some other things that we'll talk about post-challenge which can be found over here including certificates and curriculum alignment guides but what we're interested in here is the student upload template so there are two ways that you can upload students if you have uh only a couple of students you may want to input them manually we'll have a look at how that works or you may want to upload them in a bulk uh Excel document using this template so if you want to upload your students individually you can click on students over here and click on new and enter in their first and last names if you'd like their username and password to be auto-generated here just leave them blank will say their gender their class can be whatever their relevant classes a b c d e or a name and we'll put them in as grade three so if we click save over here and go back to our list we'll now notice that there's student one over here with a username generated automatically from grade three Class A created by this profile if you were to however have several class loads of students this is a very slow process so instead what you'll do is go to downloads and click on the student upload template which looks a little bit like this so I've entered in at some examples of how this can be entered um if you uh open this up you'll see these seven columns that you'll need to interact with so the First Column is like we did before the class name and then you'll need to enter in the grades of the students next you'll need to enter in students first name and last name if you are using a pseudonym for the students you will enter their pseudonyms in this First Column and then just leave this last column blank and if you'd like for the system to Auto generate usernames and passwords which we highly recommend you can just leave these two columns blank but if you'd like to have students with a specific exam and passwords you can enter them over here as well and then the final column is the gender of the student so there are four options male female gender diverse and prefer not to say by default if you leave the column blank it will it this entry blanket will refer back to prefer not to answer um but to make things quicker you can either enter the full words male female gender diverse or just the first letter m f and g so we've saved uh this uh document um to put it onto the system we'll go to this button over here which says import students and what you'll need to do is Click upload and we'll need to just browse over here so I'm going to click on the file which you can see has appeared over here but it's really important even though we've left the columns blank because those columns still exist in the template to make sure that we click these two columns over here username and password we'll be able to review that in just a moment so once we've done that we'll click save and we'll save this red box over here that tells us that we've uploaded our template successfully to the system however we haven't actually imported the results of our spreadsheet so we'll go ahead and do that now by clicking this import Now button so you can see all of the details that we entered in we'll note that we have uh headings at the top over here in the template the first row was all headings so we'll want to click do not import the first row of this file because otherwise it will import this as a student which is not what we want uh we can review all of the details to make sure the columns line up so we can see that because we ticked username and password even though we've left them blank it's left these columns that were in the template and this looks about right so we'll click import o here and it says your file has been important so now when we click students over here we can see that starting from a over here all the way down to the eight students that we uploaded plus the one that we had in the system before you can see that we've got one to nine students in there as well now if you want to edit any individual student you can click on that student click on edit and you can edit anything in there including username and password so go back to our list over here now when you want to uh get the details for students to be able to actually access the challenge during the challenge period you can access an auto-generated username and password um Excel document by exporting down here so that'll make it easier if you have a whole classroom of students you need to distribute their usernames and passwords so that's how you upload uh students to the system uh now we're going to have a look at how students actually participate in the competition or in the challenge I should say so what we're going to do is we're going to navigate uh from here and we're just going to have a look uh that um at this student's profile so that we can participate so we'll need the password over here which I'll just copy for now and we'll head over to challenge uh dot dot a u and when you do that students we met with a page that looks a little bit different uh but looks like this it explains all that you need to know about how to actually participate in The Challenge on this screen how much points are worth it's worth noting that Incorrect and unanswered points and answer questions are not penalized so we encourage students to have an attempt at every question um and you can also head to our website as well over here the challenge isn't live at the moment so we're going to do uh use a coordinator profile just to show you an admin profile I apologize of what you might see when students get to this landing page during the challenge when it's live so if I click login over here what they will see is something that looks like this it'll say Bieber's challenge 2022 round two uh competition and they'll be able to click on the year level associated with their year groups because I'm in my admin profile over here I'm able to access all of the Year groups but students will only be able to access the one that's relevant for their age group so let's say we click on use three to four because we are in um uh not in challenge mode and this challenge is locked there is a password protection at the moment during Channel challenge rounds uh students will not have this uh appear so I will just quickly enter the password for uh round two 2022 which is what happened last year um and hopefully that should give us access there we go so now we have access to the question you'll notice that um once you click start the timer starts and even if you close the browser the timer will keep going so students will need to sit and participate in all the questions in one sitting they can't do it over extra settings if students want to participate in teams this is where they will log in additionally so if they will be working on the one computer or device and once the first student has logged in the next student will log in over here and log in and you'll see that there is a new team member added and remember you can add up to four students per team group if you do accidentally uh have students log in without adding themselves to a team you can follow the instructions in the handbook about how to edit teams uh before or after the Challenge from your coordinator profile so it's not the end of the world if students do this incorrectly but this is the easiest way that they can participate in teams but if you're participating individually like this we can skip this step and then we'll click Start so this is what students will see when they start the challenge they will see a uh landing page with all 15 of the questions and you can see they're split into five easy five medium and five hard and there'll be a legend on the side to tell you if you've answered the question or if you're or what question you're currently on so if we click exam results over here we'll notice that we've got the time remaining that's appeared over here so for years three to four that is a total of 60 minutes with 59 minutes remaining and then students will be able to uh participate in the challenge by interacting with the questions so we can see that we're currently on this first question over here and if for example we click the answer over uh here

uh I don't know if that's right or wrong I wasn't looking but you can see now there is a circle around that question which tells us that the student has answered the question so once they're satisfied that they've answered all the questions uh or in any of this still time remaining they can click the end button over here which will prompt you to say are you sure you want to end the competition once you click uh yes you won't be able to log back in and reopen the challenge so if we click yes

um you'll see this landing page over here so that student has now successfully uh participated in the challenge now if we go back to our coordinator profile um you'll be able to uh edit the teams that appear over here you can see uh that um there is a student which is myself um in uh who's completed 2022 round two if the students accidentally didn't add themselves to the team correctly you can do that here by clicking add member so you can click that here and you can see that we can add anyone from here which makes it very easy

um and there are some instructions here uh that tell you all about that which is makes it very easy hopefully so that is during the challenge once the challenge has ended uh we will advise you by by email that uh the statistics are now live so you won't be able to see any statistics at the moment but all of your student statistics will appear over here you'll need to click on the relevant rounds and you'll be able to export them over here in a whole bunch of documents that tell you about what questions your students got correct what they got incorrect as well as a bunch of statistics about how they performed against other standards including other students in the state and across the country uh for the last year we've been running a professional learning session for coordinators after the round is over a few weeks later that goes into depth about some of the uh questions that were really interesting in the way students performed uh and that has been really well received so we encourage you to attend that and you can find information about that via our email address or on our website so if you want to export your student results they will appear over here you'll be able to export Account Details at any point in the year but uh results will appear here as well now one of the things that students get participating in the challenge is a certificate which acknowledges their participation and you'll see this appear in your downloads over here all students will receive a uh certificate which acknowledges their participation um and but there are some additional certificates that uh you can use as well so for example if a student is competing under a pseudonym you'll have a do-it-yourself participation certificate for students which allows you to enter their real name and print it out and give it to your students uh you'll also receive what we call Best in school certificate so this do-it-yourself certificate we encourage you to award to the students in each year level that achieve achieved the highest results um that is to celebrate their high achievement as we acknowledge that not all schools will have someone who achieves full marks and we want to acknowledge High achieving students at each School for students that achieve full marks on the uh in the Bieber's challenge uh they are they will be notif the school will be notified that they this these students have achieved the honor roll and they will be sent a special certificate VIA mail after we've confirmed details with the coordinator at the school uh if you have competed uh in the baber's challenge in previous years uh and you would like uh to use the previously used uh grading scales which you can find on our website or in the handbook which ranged from Merit distinction to high distinction and honor roll you're still welcome to do so but you'll need to opt in to generate those certificates they may not appear by default you can find all of that in the download section over here and if you have any problems with that of course you can send us an email and we'll be able to get back to you as soon as we can another thing that will appear here uh at the end of each round is the curriculum alignment guide so if you click on that and then open it up it looks something like this which indicates um how many of the questions align to each of the computational thinking skills and digital concept just excuse me digital technology Concepts these are linked to the digital Technologies curriculum and can be really useful for reporting purposes so you'll see over here what you do get as well is at the end of round two because uh some questions are repeated uh between round one and round two however uh not for the same year level so all uh all students are able to participate in both rounds and we'll get unique questions sometimes we take a question from the hard section of seven eight and put it into the medium section of nine to ten to ensure we have sufficient questions so we don't publish solution guides until the end of the year once we publish the solution guide it will appear here as well as on our website and that solution guide will tell you exactly the curriculum alignment for each question as well as an explanation of the answer as well as the um link to informatics which can be really useful too now additionally once the challenge has closed students will still be able to log into their challenge portal once we notify you in what we call review mode and so that's for them to be able to interact with the questions and it won't explain how to get the correct answer but they can play around with the questions to see what they got right and what they got wrong so we'll notify you by email when that happens

all right so um

these are the computational skills that we align to you can find more information about that on our website but again there's a link to the digital Technologies curriculum but finally I just want to talk about some of the resources that we provide before during and after the challenge to help you prepare your students for the challenge or extend them uh in the concepts that they engage with Beyond The Challenge so you can find all these resources on our website which you can see up here uh and those are Bieber's 365 which is a collection of all past favorites Challenge questions dating back several years that students can participate with at any time uh ebro's mini challenges which are a collection of beavers 365 questions um that can be collated to focus on a particular topic so if you want your students to hone into a particular type of thinking or a particular type of question you can set up these teacher mini challenges papers unplugged are offline versions of the questions that can be printed out as cards which are great for in classroom activities as well as our computational thinking in action lesson plan resources which you can see a picture of on the right these are suggested lesson plans that you can use to extend your students and some of the topics that they cover during the challenge uh there are more resources well on the digital careers website including videos about uh uh people who have taken careers in the digital space which can be helped helpful in inspiring students so please check those out as well

so thank you so much for uh attending I just want to touch on a couple of frequently asked questions questions here before we wrap up one question that we get is can my students participate in both round one and round two of the challenge the answer is yes uh questions as I mentioned are unique for the same year level between round one and round two so they'll get a completely different challenge uh when they participate in round one and round two so it's up to you how you'd like to use uh the computational thinking challenge

um and if you have any other questions that we haven't covered again head to our website uh over here or contact us on our email address at digitalcareers at this has been an overview of the vibras challenge uh we wish you all the best we hope you have all fortunes signing up and your students participating and we hope to see you soon take care

This video tutorial outlines how to sign-up, facilitate, and access results and certificates for The Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge.

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