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Author Amanda Hughes, St Mary's District School, Tasmania
Nature of the inquiry problem

Students are given an assessment that comprises of short tasks that allow them to explore the importance of taxonomy and having a universal system to identify all living things around the world. This allows the students to explore the concept throughout the assessment, exploring open ended questions. 

Suitable year levels and subject areas

Year 7 Australian Curriculum

Curriculum links

Classification helps organise the diverse group of organisms (ACSSU111)

Scientific knowledge has changed people's understanding of the world and its refines as new evidence becomes available (ACSHE119)

Scientific knowledge can develop through collaboration across the disciplines of science and the contributions of people from a range of cultures (ACSHE223)

Communicate ideas, findings and evidence-based solutions to problems using scientific language, and representations, using digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS133)

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • learn the importance of taxonomy systems
  • understand the details required of scientists within this field
  • identify living things through a taxonomic key, by creating a taxonomic key through exploration of key characteristics
Student Learning Outcomes*

At the end of the lesson sequence students will:

  • identify key characteristics of living things and describe them to other students
  • create and use a taxonomic key
  • describe the importance of taxonomy for scientists and the broader community

Work booklet, research (collaborative or individual)

Assessment outcomes

Informal, formative assessment is built into this week long investigation.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

Embedded videos and web links.


© The Importance of Taxonomy (created by Amanda Hughes) (2018) Copyright owned by Department of Education, Tasmania. Except as otherwise noted, this work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. To view a copy of this licence, visit

Download the lesson

The importance of taxonomy PDF (228 KB)

Taxonomy TXT (9 KB)

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