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The challenge

Setting the standard for perovskite technology

Thin-film perovskite solar cells have emerged as an inexpensive and revolutionary photoactive semi-conductor in thin-film solar photovoltaics (PV), with a 16.7 per cent power conversion efficiency (PCE) rating.

Advances in these materials offer high efficiency at low cost. CSIRO is committed to further research and development for a perovskite technology that's stable, durable and reliable, compared with traditional silicon-based solar panels.

Rapid advancements mean new international standards or guidelines to assess thin-film PV efficiency and adaptability. Opportunities for testing and commercialisation of perovskite solar cells has been lacking in Australia, until now.

We are setting the benchmark in Australia for testing and collaborating on thin-film solar photovoltaic technologies based on perovskite semi-conductors, to reduce production cost, increase solar cell performance and improve energy efficiency.

Our response

Pioneering the next generation of solar cells

This next generation of solar PV cells are cheaper to produce and less labour intensive than traditional silicon solar cells.

We are exploring new designs and processes to increase perovskite solar cell performance, including new products and applications, such as integrating PV for high-density commercial and residential buildings where roof space is limited. We are also researching ways to make perovskite materials compatible with glass products — think windows that generate power.

As an integral part of this process, we are developing guidelines to assess the performance of perovskite solar cells, which will help to deliver new market opportunities.

The results

The benchmark for measurement and collaboration

Our Solar PV Performance Laboratory at our CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, NSW, is the first and only lab in the Southern Hemisphere to receive international accreditation to measure solar cell performance. It supports the research and development of perovskite solar cells in Australia through testing of perovskite samples locally, so we don't need to send them overseas. This accelerates new-generation solar cell research and reduces costs, while ensuring accurate world-class results.

We are working with local and global partners including members of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics and internal research agencies. Our work validates test results and is a leading example of solar cell research and testing.

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