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We turn research into commercial opportunities

Business, government and industry across Australia and the globe seek our expertise to unlock innovation and help navigate the waters of intellectual property and licensing, creating new market partnership strategies.

Our world-class research experts work collaboratively across deep-tech domains such as aerospace, environment, health and biosecurity, manufacturing and minerals. They produce a wealth of IP which can be adopted to create new products, services, jobs and industries, resulting in competitive advantage for partners, strong returns for investors and economic prosperity for Australia.

Backed by a 100-year history in successful commercialisation of scientific breakthroughs, we understand the challenges that can arise when working with other organisations' IP.

Our experts work collaboratively in managing co-investment opportunities as well as equity based deals across industries, both locally and abroad.

That's how we bring research to life.

Commercialisation pathways

With 100 years’ experience commercialising research, we know there’s more than one pathway to market.

We choose the commercialisation pathway that is right for our science and will deliver real impact for Australia.

Talk to us about opportunities for our technology to give your business an advantage.

[Music plays and a split circle appears and photos of different CSIRO activities flash through in either side of the circle and then the circle morphs into the CSIRO logo]

[Animation image changes to show symbols of different science activities rotating around the CSIRO logo, and then the animation changes to show a researcher with three of the symbols above her]

Narrator: To drive impact from our research we look to connect opportunities in the market with science and technology solutions and create pathways to bring the solution to life.

[Camera zooms out to show the researcher standing at a split pathway next to an arrow sign]

With 100 years’ experience commercialising research we know that there’s more than one pathway to market.

[Animation image changes to show a close view of a researcher scrolling through on a Smartphone and selecting “Sell IP” and “License for royalties” from a list]

We use eight main pathways to commercialisation, each with its own processes and benefits.

[Animation image changes to show boxes showing symbols of a light bulb with an arrow pointing to a dollar sign, and then a dollar certificate and a percentage certificate, and text appears: Collaborative venture, Licence for royalties]

We choose the commercialisation pathway or combination of pathways that is right for the science and will deliver real impact for Australia,

[Animation image changes to show a researcher, CSIRO employee and customer either side of a whiteboard with Collaborative Venture and Licence for Royalties symbols and text on it]

and assemble a team of investors, business experts and researchers to take the technology to market,

[Animation image changes to show an Australian map, and three text circles appear on the map showing text: Financial, Social, Environmental]

to develop industry shaping solutions that deliver real impact for Australia.

[Animation image changes to show a male shaking hands with a female researcher]

Talk to us about opportunities for our technology to give your business an advantage.

[Music plays and the image changes to show the CSIRO logo and text: Australia’s National Science Agency]

Commercialisation pathways

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