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18 April 2018 News Release

[Music plays and an animation image of a brain inside a cup with a pair of glasses on the front appears and text appears: Pint of Science]

[Text appears: Join us for the next Pint of Science Festival in cities across Australia]

[Image changes to show an audience seated in a room and all shouting out together]

Audience: Hello from Pint of Science, Canberra.

[Image changes to show people seated around tables in a restaurant and all shouting out together]

Audience: Welcome to Pint of Science, Adelaide.

[Image changes to show a group of people, some seated around a table and some behind the table all shouting out together]

Audience: Hi, from Pint of Science, South Australia.

[Image changes to show a group of people in a darkened auditorium all shouting out together]

Audience: Hello, from Pint of Science, Newcastle, Australia.

[Image changes to show people seated at tables in a restaurant and all shouting out together and the camera pans around the room]

Audience: Welcome to Pint of Science, Sydney, Australia.

[Music plays and text appears on a blue screen: Wherever you join us you can expect…]

[Image changes to show a group of people standing with their hands on their heads and text appears: To get a bit silly]

[Image changes to show two males standing and balancing while other people look on]

[Image changes to show a group of people in a room with their hands on their hips]

[Image changes to show a group of people in a room with their hands on their heads and text appears: Share a few laughs]

[Image changes to show an audience in a room listening]

[Image changes to show a group of people in a room with their hands on their heads]

[Image changes to show an audience listening and watching and text appears: And learn a few things along the way]

[Image changes to show a male near a podium talking while another male looks on]

[Image changes to show a female speaking into a microphone and looking at a diagram of a human body on an overhead screen, while an audience listens]

[Image changes to show a female wearing a band device on her head while three males look on]

[Image changes to show a female talking into a microphone]

[Image changes to show a female holding up two petri dishes with different coloured substances inside each one]

[Image changes to show a full beer glass displaying the label “Pint of Science” placed on a bar and text appears: Join us at Pint of Science 2018]

[CSIRO logo appears]

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Pubs across the country will host some of our brightest science minds from May 14 to 16 to talk about their science, technology, engineering or maths research and careers over a pint (or two).

Pint of Science will be celebrated in a record 21 countries this year, and Australia's east coast will host the first events of 2018.

Pint of Science Australia Co-Director, Jirana Boontanjai, said that the volunteer-run festival was a great way to celebrate the contribution and the passion of researchers who drive innovation.

"We want to show Australians all the interesting research happening right here in our own backyard. I am particularly excited by our partnership with CSIRO, which has helped us to build a fantastic program of talks showcasing the world-leading research that happens right here in Australia.

"Pint of Science is all about having researchers connect with their local community in a familiar, relaxed setting – the pub. We strongly promote diversity in our festival and are proud to feature speakers from a range of disciplines, career stages and genders.

"This will be our biggest festival so far, with more talks and events than ever before. But we're still growing, and in the future we hope to put even more science on tap in local pubs across Australia," Ms Boontanjai said.

The 2018 Pint of Science Australia festival is powered by CSIRO, Australia's national science agency.

This year, events will be held in 32 pubs in 16 locations across Australia, from capital cities to regional centres and rural towns, talks will cover a range of scientific disciplines that impact our daily lives – including biotechnology, astronomy, climate science and ecology.

CSIRO's Michelle Colgrave, a leader in molecular analysis of agriculture and food, will be speaking in Brisbane about what really is in your pint of beer.   

"It's common to enjoy a chilled pint after a long day, but most people don't realise that brewing is one of the oldest biotech processes known to humans," Dr Colgrave said.

"I'll be talking about what's in your beer, other than cool refreshing bubbles, that can promote good health but, also, what might be harmful to some of you."

Dr Brad E. Tucker, astrophysicist and cosmologist at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Australian National University, will talk about his work using space telescopes to find stars as they explode.

"We are all interested in how the Universe works, and where we are all going," Dr Tucker said.

"Pint of Science is taking the scientific conversation outside the workplace and into our communities. It is great to be able to talk about something as big and abstract as the Universe in a pub conversation."

For the first time, the Pint of Science Australia will also have an artist in residence, Dan Power, who has created an original design to commemorate the festival.

The first Pint of Science festival was held in May, 2013 in three cities in the United Kingdom, and has since grown to nearly 300 cities around the world. The first Pint of Science Australia was held in Sydney in 2014.

Tickets are now on sale. For location and program details, and to purchase tickets, visit Pint of Science.


Dan Power is an award-winning fine artist and science communicator based in Canberra, exhibiting nationally and internationally. He uses his background in natural science to explore nature through art, telling its stories and helping people to engage with science in an inspired way. Dan has captured many varied elements of Australian science all filling the pint glass representing the festival as a whole. He has featured notable contributions from CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, along with references to talks from the broader 2018 Pint of Science program. ©  Dan Power

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