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Reducing the impacts of droughts in Australia by 30 per cent by 2030



A stronger regional Australia

Regional Australia faces perennial weather extremes, such as droughts, floods, heatwaves and frosts. However, the frequency and severity these events are predicted to increase, straining the ability of Australia’s regional communities and industries to thrive.

Low rainfall years have been shown to significantly reduce agricultural profitability and productivity, while many regional and rural communities become threatened with the risk of running out of town water (“Day Zero”). By building drought resilience, we are contributing towards a stronger regional Australia, equipped to successfully live and operate in our dynamic and changing world.

Mission impact

Building drought resilience

Implementing drought resilience will result in a regional Australia that can endure deeper, longer droughts, and recover from them sooner. This will allow our food and agribusinesses to boost national farm income, increase food security, and protect the regional jobs that rely on agriculture. It will increase the resilience of rural and regional communities that depend on agriculture and improve environmental outcomes.

Mission focus

What we will achieve

We the Mission is operating at three inter-connected levels: on-farm, regionally and at the policy level. We are working to deliver:

  1. On farm innovation: Assisting farmers with improved decisions based on climate data for their location, new farming systems to improve water use efficiency, and options to minimise risk.
  2. Regional resilience and development: Looking at ways to improve water security. This includes creating a climate-resilient regional water supply, community transition planning to diversify economies, and protecting natural capital resources. 
  3. Policy enablers and outreach: Developing information and systems that underpin policy response and recognising international solutions to shared problems.

Plan and collaboration

Building it together

We are linking external resources with CSIRO's Agriculture and Food, Land and Water, Oceans and Atmosphere, and Data61 business units to develop cohesive, cross-industry solutions that are ready for community and industry adoption.

Drought is a society-wide problem, that requires significant stakeholder input and support to achieve impact. The Mission brings together CSIRO, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and Bureau of Meteorology. We are seeking additional partners to help us reach our goal of a drought resilient regional Australia.

Drought resilience

Reducing the impacts of Australian droughts by 30 per cent this decade.

[Image appears of a split circle appears with photos in each half of the circle flashing through of various CSIRO activities and the circle then morphs into the CSIRO logo]

[Images change to show a farmer and some sheep walking across a paddock]

The Drought Resilience Mission has a goal to reduce the worst impacts of droughts in Australia.

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Droughts are predicted to become more frequent and severe, requiring new solutions.

[Images change to show dry and cracked dirt]

Our mission is to reduce the impacts caused by droughts in three key areas.

[Images change to show sheep walking in a dry paddock and a tractor]

Firstly, we’ll strengthen our agricultural industries to reduce variability in farm incomes.

[Images change to show a crop being harvested then show a crop being harvested]

Secondly, we’ll develop new ways to improve the resilience of our regional communities.

[Images change to show a country town from the air and then show two people walking through a crop]

Thirdly, we’ll improve environmental outcomes, such as reducing soil loss from erosion.

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We’re collaborating with industry, government and research organisations to overcome drought.

[Images change to show a landscape with trees and crops and then change to show cows]

Together the Drought Resilience Mission will build a stronger regional Australia against times of drought.

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