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15 May 2023 Partner Release

Sydney-based start-up, Eyes of AI (EAI), is collaborating with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, to create ground-breaking machine learning models that can identify normal anatomy and pathological lesions in dental radiographs.

This work was made possible by CSIRO Kick-Start, an initiative that provides funding and support for innovative Australian start-ups and small businesses to access CSIRO’s research expertise and capabilities to help grow and develop their business.

EAI has developed a web-based image viewing platform and curated a high-quality large dataset of Orthopantomogram (OPG), Bitewings, Periapical and Cone Beam CTs (CBCTs) images with predefined “ground truths” for all pathology and non-pathology landmarks.

Since mid-last year, researchers from CSIRO’s Data61, the organisation’s data and digital arm, have been working closely with domain experts from EAI to develop AI models for the detection of a broad range of dental and jaw diseases and landmarks, and working measurement features to quantify the size, distances, and densities in and between pathological and non-pathological anatomical landmarks.

The imaging technology recently made waves at the 2023 International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, unveiling the world's first AI-driven product that delivers highly detailed anatomical segmentation of a Cone beam CT (CBCT).

Dr. Sen Le, co-founder of EAI and a dentist, expressed enthusiasm about the Kick-Start project.

"This project underscores EAI’s expertise in dental software. No existing technology can recognise anatomy and pathology with the level of detail that our solution provides. We fully anticipate that our technology will set the standard for dental radiograph analysis,” Dr. Sen Le said.

“Attendees at IDS, which included dental X-ray OEMs, implant planning companies, and their respective product development and AI teams, were astounded by EAI’s ability to provide CBCT segmentation with over 135 delineations, compared to the industry standard of fewer than 40. Additionally, the AI's capability to perform these complex analyses in less than 3 minutes and its adaptability to various sizes of CBCT scans further impressed the audience, showcasing the potential of EAI's technology to revolutionise the field,” Dr, Le continued.

"Being able to harness the AI and imaging expertise of CSIRO’s Data61, a global leader in the field, is both an honour and an exciting development for our company”, Dr. Le stated.

Dr Dadong Wang, Quantitative Imaging Research Team Leader at CSIRO’s Data61 said, “The AI-powered models we developed can automatically identify important features and potential anomalies in dental scans, with impressive accuracy.

“Our object detection model is able to successfully detect 96.8% of all dental objects of interest, and our segmentation model can achieve a segmentation accuracy of 95%,” Dr Wang continued.

CSIRO’s Data61 will continue to work with EAI over the next 12 months to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the models.

The company aims to expand its machine learning models to achieve even greater impact, with ongoing research partnerships in place with several of Australia's top universities.

As oral health issues in Australia escalate, partly due to misdiagnosis of X-rays, EAI's mission becomes all the more important. Poor oral health has been linked to chronic illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes. EAI is determined to deliver the most sophisticated AI technology for dental radiograph analysis, reducing misdiagnoses and enhancing patient health outcomes globally.

Looking forward, EAI is focusing on enhancing its AI-driven radiograph analysis technology even further. By incorporating additional machine learning algorithms and utilising cutting-edge research, the company is poised to revolutionise dental radiograph interpretation and contribute to the broader field of dental AI.

The company's vision extends beyond just improving diagnostics; EAI also seeks to promote a new era of dental care that emphasises prevention, early intervention, and tailored treatment plans. By making it easier for dental professionals to detect oral health issues and identify potential concerns, the company is contributing to a proactive approach to dental care that ultimately benefits patients worldwide.

As a result of the success at the 2023 International Dental Show, EAI is well-positioned to attract further investments and forge new strategic partnerships. The company’s accomplishments are not only a testament to the ingenuity of its founders but also a reflection of Australia's growing reputation as a hub for innovation, research, and development.


Source: EAI Image Viewer with over 135 delineations

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