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The challenge

Seeking the materials of the future

Industries including space, biomedicine, construction and defence are always looking for customised functional materials with complex shapes and features.

However, only basic plastics and a small number of composite materials are commercially available, which has been hindering the industrial uptake of plastic-based 3D printing.

Our response

Australia's first research hub for bespoke plastic-based printable composites

At 4F, we have gathered experts in materials design and engineering, functional powders and composites, advanced processing and 3D printing to create a cross-disciplinary platform for the development of printable plastics with bespoke functionality.

We are unlocking the potential of 3D printing to develop the materials of the future

We have custom-made extruders and processing devices for fabricating new filaments and composite feedstock, 3D printers for standard and high-tech plastic filaments, pellets and suspensions, and a wide range of characterisation techniques.

Our expert team works with business and industry partners to create high-quality, complex products with special features such as wearable sensors, heat and electricity conductivity, radiation shielding or antibacterial properties.

When a bespoke material is required for printing, our team identifies the right combination of plastic matrix and active filler that will yield the desired functional properties. The whole production cycle is conducted internally through rigorous quality checks.

All our formulations are tested for printability on common desktop 3D printers, ensuring that our new functional materials are ready-to-use. From lab to fab, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the industries of the future.

The results

We're ready to work with you

Our work has opened up new possibilities for industries seeking to add unique and customisable features to their parts.

Our expert team helps business and industry clients to create high-quality, complex products with special features such as wearable sensors, heat and electrical conductivity, radiation shielding or antibacterial properties.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced team, and innovative approach, we are proud to be a leader in the development of printable plastics and composites with bespoke functionality.

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