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Applications for Round 2 of the RISE Accelerator will open Q3/4 2024.

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The India Australia Rapid Innovation and Startup Expansion (RISE) Accelerator is purpose-built to help Indian and Australian startups with mature cutting-edge technology fast-track their cross-border impact.

RISE Accelerator is delivered through a powerful partnership between:

  • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, the Government of India's flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

About the program

The RISE Accelerator provides support to startups, micro, and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are working on innovative technology and are considering overseas expansion between India and Australia.

The program is designed to support startups that are addressing shared national and global challenges, with a focus on environment and climate technologies and solutions.

The program is tailored to support startups and SMEs working on a range of areas such as:

  • waste and circular economy (Round 1)
  • climate start AgTech
  • clean energy
  • climate smart mobility.

There is no charge for startups to participate in the RISE Accelerator program.

[Music plays and image appears of two screens about the RISE Accelerator program, and then images move through to show various wide views of speakers talking to audiences about the program]

[Images move through to show Tamara Ogilvie talking to the camera, a rear view of Tamara talking to a group of people, and wide views of a male giving a presentation, and text appears: Tamara Ogilvie RISE Program Director – CSIRO]

Tamara Ogilvie:  The RISE Accelerator program is ideal for startups and SMEs, with climate and environment solutions, ready to take their technologies into new markets.

[Images move through to show Tamara talking to the camera, a wide view of a male giving a presentation, and female presenting to an audience seated around tables]

The benefits of participating in the RISE Accelerator program are the support and connections with undivided attention and mentorship.

[Image changes to show four people sitting around a table writing and typing, and then image changes to show a male giving a presentation]

These companies are really ensured that they're making the right choices at the right times in their new market explorations.

[Music plays as images move through to show two males giving a presentation, a panel of four people seated, one of the panel members speaking, and a close view of the audience listening]

[Images moves through to show Abhishek Chhazed talking to the camera, two males giving a presentation, Abhishek talking into a microphone, and a female speaking in a group, and text appears: Abhishek Chhazed Co-founder, Recyclex, RISE Accelerator Participant]

Abhishek Chhazed:  The RISE Accelerator program has challenged us to understand the Australian ecosystem in depth, take necessary steps and then expand to this beautiful country.

[Images move through to show Tina Funder talking to the camera, speaking with colleagues, talking to an audience, a side view of Tina talking, and Tina talking to the camera again, and text appears: Tina Funder Founder – Alt. Leather, RISE Accelerator Participant]

Tina Funder:  An incredible part of the RISE Accelerator program has been meeting the Australian and Indian participants because we get insight from startups who are based in those respective countries. Having local knowledge is key to success.

[Images move through to show Pramit Dash talking to the camera, a female giving a presentation, and an audience sitting at tables listening, and text appears: Pramit Dash RISE Program Director Atal Innovation Misson, NITI Aayog]

Pramit Dash:  So RISE provides a structured curriculum for the startups to follow that lays in front of them a pathway for international expansion.

[Images move through to show a male giving a presentation, various views of around a room where two males are giving a presentation to an audience who are taking notes]

The startups also get an opportunity to pilot their solution in the target market in order to adapt, validate and repurpose their solutions for the local context.

[Images move through to show Meha Lahiri talking to the camera, two males giving a presentation to an audience, close views of Meha talking, various males in the audience talking, and text appears: Meha Lahiri Co-founder, Recity, RISE Accelerator Participant]

Meha Lahiri:  Working with the RISE Accelerator program has really helped us focus on going back to the drawing board, as to how you can really replicate your solutions in a developed nation. Problem solving in a developing nation like India really prepares you and makes you resilient to scale in developed countries.

[Images move through to show Daniel Ionita talking to the camera, Daniel talking to a circle of people, a male in the audience talking, a various males giving presentations, and text appears: Daniel Ionita Founder & Director, Hi-D, RISE Accelerator Participant]

Daniel Ionita:  Accessing the resources and especially the coaching and the specialised advice we received, which wasn't just generic but quite specific and quite honest, I thought is invaluable.

[Image changes to show a medium view of Tamara talking to the camera]

Tamara Ogilvie:  I highly recommend this program to startups and SMEs with climate and environment solutions who have big ambitions.

[Music plays and images move through to show a crowd posing for a photo in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, RISE Accelerator program information screen, and participants sitting for a photo]

[Image changes to show the NITI Aayog, ATAL Innovation Mission, CSIRO logos, and text appears beneath: India + Australia RISE Accelerator | Rapid Innovation Startup Expansion]

CSIRO RISE Highlights

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What you'll get out of the program

Participating in the RISE Accelerator will help you amplify chances of success in India and Australia. Startups and SMEs will be able to:

  • gain valuable market, cultural and regulatory insight
  • fast track connections to the right partners and customers. We will connect you with people who will help you on your journey, including on-the-ground mentors, funders, suppliers, distributors, regulators and researchers
  • grow and scale their technology and research overseas
  • pilot, adapt and validate technology for a new market
  • visibility of joint-innovation funds, grants and investors in each region.

Who should participate in the program

The program is open to startups and SMEs in India and Australia with mature innovative technology, typically with a high technology readiness level (e.g. pilot system developed, or actual system proven through successful operations), who are interested in expanding overseas.

Startups with a lower technology readiness level will be considered if they have clear potential to rapidly advance through expansion into India or Australia.

Visit the RISE Accelerator website for full eligibility criteria and to see if your business is suitable for the program.

How the program is delivered

The RISE Accelerator delivers a comprehensive learning program made up of both online self-paced and in-person sessions.

Over the course of nine months, you will embark on two key phases: Accelerate and Pilot, spanning across India and Australia.

Benefit from the expertise and support of our bilateral delivery team, including subject matter specialists and a dedicated ‘Expert-in-Residence’ (EIR) for one-to-one guidance and mentoring.

Expect to invest about six hours per week into the program, comprising live sessions, self-paced learning, and engaging with experts. Additional time commitment will be required for in-person travel experiences.

How to apply

To apply for the RISE Accelerator you must meet the program eligibility criteria.

You will need to complete an online application and provide us with information about your startup or SME.

Applications for Round 1 have now closed. Subscribe to our  mailing list for updates on future rounds.

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